Creatures Abilities – Creatures of Sonaria

This guide will let you know the abilities of all the creatures in the Creatures of Sonaria. 

Creature Name: Polymonstrum 

The passive abilities of this creature are bleeding and ligament tearing.

Bleed deals damage every three seconds, and the more your enemy moves, the more damage it will take. Ligament tearing reduces your enemy movement speed by 40%. 

Let’s test Polymonstrum passive abilities. To use the passive abilities, you just have to attack your target.

Notice Polymonstrum Movement Speed; Polymonstrum reduces movement speed by 40%.

Poly is one of the best offensive creatures, with ligaments affecting, your target can’tcan’t escape easily.

The air-type creatures can easily fly away! 

Additional Bleed Also Contains 3 Level Conditions: 

  • First Level deals 1.0x damage every 3 seconds (can’tcan’t fall below 10% health if sitting/laying) ~ (1-10)
  • The second Level decreases stamina regeneration By 25% – (11-20).
  • Lastly, it decreases stamina regeneration by 50% – (21).

Next creature’s Name: Gramoss

The passive abilities of this creature are immunity bleed and physical ailments, such as Bone Breaking And Ligament Tearing. 

Let’s test Gramoss immunity. 

You have Poly again with Bleed And Ligaments passive abilities. Alright, like what you see, no status effect added.

Now what are you going to do if grams immunity works at any age? 

Let’s test it with baby Grams! It works at any age.

Last Creature Name: Koryser  

The passive abilities of this creature are bleed, and thorns. 

A passive ability that Inflicts bleed when received by a close-range attack.

Let’s test Thorns ability. 

Using this ability, you can bleed grams. Using bite, Kory can’t bleed grams! 

Check how Gramoss easily regen the damage it got. 

Let’sLet’s bleed grams using thorns ability; it works anytime; no need to press anything once someone bites your attacker get bleed status. 

Since Grams got bleed status, it will never regenerate until bleed status heals. That’s how Koryser thorns ability works. 

Now, these creatures currently have the bone-breaking ability. 

Creature name: Lerachu 

Exterreri and also Nympha suchus.

What is bone breaking? And how does it work? 

Bone breaking disables sprint and flight and greatly reduces walk speed by 80%; the success chance depends on your weight and target weight (10% to 45%). Any creature with this ability automatically has ligament tearing. 

Let’s do the actual test; you can use Exterreri because it is much heavier than the two creatures.

So it means the bone-breaking success rate is higher.    

Jotunheim weighs 3500.

Exterreri weighs 9,000.

Sprint and flight will be disabled, and the movement speed will also reduce upto 80 percent. 

If it’s an actual fight and your opponent is inflicted with bone-breaking, do you know what is next? 

Now let’s try it with a heavier opponent. Usually, if your target is heavier than you, you can only inflict ligament tearing, and It’sIt’s all weight-based. 

Current creatures have ligament tearing: 

Kendyll, Polymonstrum, and Archinax 

Male Lerachu can supply unlimited herbal food!     

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