Crosscode Codes 2023 (Updated)

Crosscode is an action role playing game being released worldwide in 2018. The players need to explore the world to discover the hidden secrets and also collect the tools on their way. During the exploration, you will engage in battle against many enemies and their bosses. Kill them and earn new equipment. You will also need to solve different puzzles and complete some quests in the game. The Crosscode game is designed with 2D graphics and it is available to play on PC, Nintendo switch, playstation and Xbox. 

Crosscode Bonus Codes

Enter these codes without ” “:

“WoN-Boots“This code will give you Sparkly Boots (*) item.
“Best-VA“this bonus code Toggles “High-Quality” Voice acting
“Holiday-Man“This code is used to unlock the Holiday Man and also the Quest Gifting for Fun.
“Caramelldansen“You can activate an idle animation based on this meme with the help of this code.
“Speedlines“This code will enable in-game speedlines.
“Regular-Trees”This bonus code is used to make some trees more regular.

What Items You Get From these Codes?

Holiday Man and the Quest Gifting for Fun give you the below two codes.

Holiday BootsThis code is used to make Lea emit snowflake sparkles and holiday bell sound effects when she runs/jumps.
Holiday HatThis code will give Lea a Santa Hat in the overworld and main menu.

How To Redeem the Crosscode Codes?

In order to redeem the Crosscode codes, you’ll have to follow the steps below:

  1. Open the game and go to the Main Menu.
  2. You can enter the code there to get an instant reward. 
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