Crucifix Guide – Phasmophobia

In this guide, you will learn how to complete Phasmophobia in Crucifix. Go through the guide and follow all the instructions carefully to complete it.

How the Crucifix works

A crucifix is a complex and difficult tool to use. You usually place it in or near the ghost room and leave it there. When the ghost attempts to hunt you, and in range of the Crucifix, which is three meters, it will block the hunt and use a charge. One of the sides of the Crucifix is torn off or melted when it gets used up. 

It will go red and start glowing once it is fully melted, which means it has been used up and will not save you. The Crucifix can protect you a total of two times each and four times if you have two crucifixes. The image below shows the used cross at the top and the completely used one at the bottom. 

This tool works both on the ground and in your hands. In rare cases, the range goes through obstacles and walls, so you have to use crucifixes from inside the van.

The Crucifix only blocks the hunt if the ghost is in range. It does not prevent the ghost from starting a hunt while wandering; once a hunt is started, the Crucifix will not save or protect you. If you are holding a crucifix, you must hold it in your hands. It does not work in your inventory additionally. If the ghost uses a crucifix, it gives you a 5-second grace time before the hunts become possible.

How and where to use Crucifix

This tool has multiple use cases that have changed with the recent update. The best use for the Crucifix is to place it in the ghost room, as most hunts are likely to start from there; however, the ghost will still be able to hunt from any location outside the crucifix range without using a charge. 

Once a hunt is started, the Crucifix will not save you. Despite this, there are other possible use cases for it other than reducing hut chances in the ghost room since the nightmare update where ghosts can hunt mere seconds after finishing a hunt. The tool has a personal protection utility, as sometimes the ghost will finish a hunt right before you only to sneak behind you in a non-hunt mode and then start a new hunt where you are hiding and killing yourself.

The most important thing to note is this tool becomes far less useful in big maps. In small maps, they cover a decent amount of the room if placed in a dead center, but large rooms will not be easy or even possible to cover fully. It will help to focus on special placements; now, you need to place the Crucifix in room 2 and ensure not to get caught in a sudden hunt.

It means dead ends should have a crucifix about three meters from the door to allow you to fly anywhere, but that dead-end with the sprint function, and it is possible to place the Crucifix near a designated hiding spot. Also, this seems pointless, but the purpose is to ensure that if you get out of your hiding spot the hunt end, you’ll have a small protection area shielding you from getting that repeat hunt right outside your spot.

The cross getting used gives a 5-second grace time before the new hunt begins. It is immensely useful for this use case so you know that you can leave out of the building or change spots as the ghost knows where you are.

Special Cases 

In special cases, all the ghost types at the mission are important to note: if the ghost is a banshee, the range of coverage is extended to 5 meters. Use a crucifix if you are standing in the center solo, as banshees tend to attempt to hunt as a special power. It will lead you to the cross being used. 

Personal Notes on the Crucifix

First, this isn’t a crucifix as it lacks Jesus on it. It is a regular cross, but to get deep, you need to throw it in the ghost room and throw the other near favorite hiding spot away from most ghost activity. The best way to ensure that it is in the best place is to use the available motion sensors to determine the ghost’s favorite area to hang out and put it there. It will increase the chances of a hunt starting near it.

So you’ll get the objective much quicker if you attempt to get a bonus objective to drain your sanity to increase the hunt frequency and then hide in a closet quietly with sanity pills. And once you get the objective, sneak out, and you could want to know about the Crucifix and how to use it properly.

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