CSGO: Ranking System

This guide will let you know about the Ranking System in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. You will also learn how to increase your Rank in CSGO

You need to have a profile rank 2 to play competitive matchmaking, and you have to win 10 matchmade games to get your initial rank, which will be among the 18 skill groups, as shown in the image below.  

It will be ranging from silver to global elite with new icons. When you win ten matches,  you will get legendary eagle master. You have to win the rounds and MVP’s to rank up, and K/D does not affect that. 

You can only play with the players who have five above or below your current rank unless you line up as a group of five, and the average rank will be between gold nova1 and gold nova3. 

When you win or lose games, you will shift your range upwards or downwards on the rating scale. Spending a long time in one rank will decrease the range of values, so now you can acquire more wins to get the higher ranks.  

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