Custom PC Tycoon Codes 2022

Custom PC Tycoon is a Roblox game that tasks the players to build PCs. You can sell these computers to earn some cash and then get better parts to build computers. You will also need to upgrade your store and build the most powerful computers to make a lot of money. 

Active Codes

30K LikesUse it to get 6Bit V0 CPU
3k likesUse it to get free Memory
400k visits!Use it to get free Ram
5M visitsUse it to get Fusion cooler
7k LikesUse it to get free Ram
7M VisitsUse it to get SP 5CE Motherboard
Fan PowerUse it to get free Whoosh Cooling
FirstMilestoneUse it to get a free part
LikePowerUse it to get a free part
LunarUse it to get a 3000W Tiger PSU
Merry ChristmasUse it to get free Fans
NewUpdateUse it to get 1,500 Cash
SupportiveUse it to get the Nightcore Case

Expired Codes

No expired codes yet!

How do I redeem codes in Custom PC Tycoon?

You will need to follow these steps below to redeem the codes in Roblox Custom PC Tycoon:

Click on the Settings button on the side of the screen and enter the code. Then click Redeem to get your reward.

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