Dead by Daylight Codes, Free DBD Blood Point 2022

Dead by Daylight is a horror survival game that was released in 2016. This  game features the original characters from different horror series. You have to play the role of a dangerous killer who wants to kill all the humans. The other four players will play the role of survivors who want to protect themselves from being killed by you. You have to find and kill them before they start the generator. The Dead by Daylight game is available on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo switch, Xbox and as well as on the mobile phone. 

Active Codes

NICERedeem it to get 69 Bloodpoints

Expired Codes

BULLSHIRTRedeem it to get Lunar New Year – Adam Francis Jacket
BYEBYE2020Redeem it to get Fruitcake Charm for Killer
DBDDAYJP2020Redeem it to get 202,000 Bloodpoints
DISCORD150KRedeem it to get 150,000 Bloodpoints
DISCORD200KRedeem it to get 200,00 Bloodpoints
ENTITYDISPLEASEDRedeem it to get 1 Bloodpoint
ENTITYPLEASEDRedeem it to get 150,000 Bloodpoints
ENTITYSLITTLEHELPERRedeem it to get Reindeer Charm
ETERNALBLIGHTRedeem it to get a Halloween themed charm
FROSTYBLIGHTRedeem it to get Blight’s Frosty Eyes
FROSTYDEATHRedeem it to get Deathslingers Frosty Eyes
FROSTYTWINSRedeem it to get Twins Frosty Eyes
FUKUHAUCHIRedeem it to get 100k Bloodpoints
GIFTTHERIFTRedeem it to get 20 Rift Shards and extend the current archive for a week
Happy1001Redeem it to get 100,100 Bloodpoints
HENYANGRedeem it to get Adams Ugly Sweater
HOLIDAYFORMALRedeem it to get Felix’s Holiday Formal Sweater
LUCKYCHARMRedeem it to get Lunar New Year Charm
LUNARNEWGEARRedeem it to get Lunar Katana for the Spirit
METATRONRedeem it to get Cheryl’s Sweater
MNOGORedeem it to get Sweater for Legion
NAUGHTYSTOCKINGRedeem it to get free charm
NEWYEARNEWENTITYRedeem it to get a New Year ‘21 Charm
NICESTOCKINGRedeem it to get Christmas Stocking Charm for Survivors
ONLY5000Redeem it to get 5,000 Bloodpoints
OVER5000Redeem it to get 5,001 Bloodpoints
PATHFINDERRedeem it to get Elodie’s Pathfinder’s Sweater
SNAPSNAPRedeem it to get Holiday Sweater
SOITCHYRedeem it to get free Holiday Sweater
SWEETDREAMSRedeem it to get a Halloween themed charm
TWITCHORTREATRedeem it to get a Halloween themed charm
VK100KRedeem it to get 100,000 Bloodpoints
ZARINOXRedeem it to get Lunar Skin for Zarina Kassir

How To Redeem Dead by Daylight Codes?

In order to redeem the Dead by Daylight Codes, you’ll have to follow the following steps:

  1. Open the game and click on the store option.
  2. This will open up a new window and you will need to tap on the “Redeem Code” button.
  3. After this, enter the code in the dialogue box and hit the “REDEEM” button.
  4. This will give you an immediate output.
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