Deliveryman Simulator Codes 2023 (Updated)

Delivery Man Simulator is a Roblox game that tasks the players to train their characters to deliver the goods. You will gain energy after delivering the goods, and you can convert this energy into strength. The game’s main goal is to become the best delivery man in the Roblox world. 

Active Codes

energyUse it to get 250 Energy
legendUse it to get a Spin, 2x Energy, Strength, and Training Speed Boost
luckyUse it to get 100 Tokens, Super Lucky, & Ultra Lucky Boosts
megaUse it to get 5 Free Spins
newgameUse it to get a 2x Training Speed Boost
releaseUse it to get a 2x Energy Boost
thanks100kUse it to get 10 Spins, 2x Super Lucky & Ultra Lucky Boosts
wheelUse it to get 3 Free Spins

Where do I redeem codes in Deliveryman Simulator?

You have to follow the instruction given below to redeem codes in the game and get rewards:

First, you have to click on the Twitter icon which is on the side of the screen. A window will open with a text box for you to enter your code. After entering the code, press the redeem button to receive a reward.

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