Desk: Corner Desks, Office Desks: Sims 4 CC (List)

Looking to add desks in your Sims game? Find all the desk chairs and desks you need in the links below:

Never Have Enough Clutter Desk

“The Never Have Enough Clutter Desk is the perfect solution for Sims who are always feeling overwhelmed.

 Menu Rail Desk

This amazing Menu Rail Desk is perfect for any Sims 4 gamer! This desk lets you keep all your gaming materials easily at hand and allows you to organize your game progress in a very organized way.

Reclaim It Desk

The Reclaim It Desk is a great way for Sims 4 players to increase their productivity.

Paige’s Office Desk

Introducing Paige’s Office Desk! This amazing piece of furniture is perfect for Sims 4 players who are looking for a professional look in their home.

 Trestle Desk

The Trestle Desk is the perfect desk for Sims 4! It has a professional tone and is great for any Sim’s home office

School Desks

The perfect desk for the Sims 4! This school desk has a sleek design that will look great in any Sim’s home

L Desk

The L Desk is perfect for Sims 4 players who need a space to organize their game assets.

Victorian Desk

The Victorian Desk is a great addition to any Sims 4 household. It’s perfect for busy Sims who need a place to work and collaborate.

Industrial Desk

The Industrial Desk is perfect for Sims 4! This desk is perfect for any professional Sim who wants a workspace that is both functional and stylish. The desk features a sleek design and is perfect for any office or home.

(2-to-4) Country Desk

With the (2-to-4) Country Desk, you can easily organize your Sims 4 game world by putting all of your new and old country objects in one place.

 Cuti Desk

The Cuti Desk is a desk that Sims 4 players can use to cut down on time spent on mundane tasks.

Corner Desk

The Corner Desk is the perfect desk for Sims 4. It’s professional looking and perfect for any room in your home.

Work Is Desk-picable Set

The Work Is Desk-picable Set is perfect for Sims 4 fans who want to get their work done in style.

Fraxinus Drawing Desk

The Fraxinus Drawing Desk is perfect for Sims 4 players who want to get creative.

Desk With Cabinet

A unique desk with a cabinet combination that allows you to store your items in an organized way.

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