Detailed Uses Of FHJ-18 & How To Use FHJ | Call Of Duty Mobile

In this brief guide, you will get to know the detailed uses of the FHJ-18 in Call of Duty Mobile.

#1 To destroy vehicles in nuketown

#2 To Destroy Vehicles in Firing Range

Firing range and nuketown are the two maps that include vehicles which can be destroyed.

#3 To Destroy Sentry Gun

The FHJ-18 can also be used to destroy enemy’s sentry guns.

Other than this, it can destroy the following in Multiplayer Mode:


1. UAV & Counter UAV

2. SAM Turret

3. Stealth Chopper


Let’s move to the battle royale usage

#4 To destroy heli and vehicle

You can use the FHJ-18 to blast enemy helicopters. It takes just two shots to completely destroy it.

The player will be killed instantly as the helicopter is destroyed. Let’s do it for vehicles now.

As you can see, FHJ is a very useful piece of equipment.


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