Details About LOLA chromatic Brawler

Lola is the newest chromatic brawler for season 9 brawlywood. 

This guide will let you know how strong Lola is, and you will also find tips & tricks to play well with Lola. 

She is pretty broken, and she is insane!    

Her super is a clone that she can drop to mimic exactly how she walks and which direction she shoots. The best strategy is to use this very close to her so that you can have an enormous amount of damage output and a shield. 

A strong fact about Lola is that her star powers or gadgets do not help her that much. They are decent, but not more than that. It is unnecessary to max her out quickly, and she is strong enough right at the start. 

Lola is long to mid-range, and she feels like she will be instant to tier meta. If she gets released like this, playing her clone correctly and using it in different ways will require a lot of skill and training that is interesting! 

Lola feels a little bit like Max, but stronger and without speed. Her gadget gives her clone a 75% damage reduction shield but will stop the movement of her clone for 4 seconds, just like the shield and how long it lasts. 

So to make her gadget usable, you must try to use it in a defensive way to protect your clone because everyone will try to destroy your clone as fast as possible. It is what makes Lola strong and a total damage monster. 

The closer you drop your clone, the easier it gets to control it.  Otherwise, it will get easy to lose control over it because looking at two brawlers and making it work out how you walk against different walls is extremely difficult.

Lola deals very fast damage, movement speed is average, and a very interesting change is that you can now see under any brawler if they have a gadget. It is going to make the game much more interesting. 

Her star power allows herself or her friendly allies to heal 100 HP per bullet that goes through them. So it is also going to be interesting if she may get used as heal boosts or as a distraction because it is also a very viable option. 

When to use a new clone? Look at this situation, and you will see how easy it is to lose control over the clone and reuse your super. So Lola is really strong but not as easy as she seems to master her!  

Her clone will make you win! 

Throwers will counter Lola; that is interesting! 

Will you buy the new brawl pass with Lola? Do you think she is going to be weak or overpowered? She will be strong in the right hands, definitely a fun, good new brawler, stronger than Meg! 

Here is the new skin, Kong Surge! 

New power league skin, Director Buzz!   

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