Digimon Masters Codes 2022

Digimon Masters is a popular game on the Roblox platform based on the Digimon anime franchise. It is set in an open world and features more than 300 anime characters. You have to pick your favorite one and start exploring the land to find the hidden treasures. You will face many monsters on your way, and you have to fight against them.

Active Codes

Likes20k200,000,000 Coins, 20,000 Diamonds, & 20 Arkadimon
Likes30k30 Gehenna, 30,000 Diamonds, & 100,000,000 Coins
nakata1609100,000,000 Coins, 10,000 Diamonds & 10 OmnimonZwartD
Visits10M100,000,000 Coins, 10,000 Diamonds, & 10 ZdHou
WelcomeToDMR10,000,000 Coins, 800 Diamonds, & OmnimonZwartX
WelcomeToDMRCommunity10,000,000 Coins, 5,000 Diamonds, & 5 ZeedMillenniummon
Winter202125,000,000 Coins 3,300 Diamonds, & KaiserGremon

How to use codes in Digimon Masters?

You have to follow the instruction given below to redeem codes in the game and get rewards:

To get the free gift, you need to open the app and click on Gift icon button which is on the side of the screen. It will open a code redemption window. Type your code into the text box and click on redeem button to get rewards in the game.

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