Doctor Career and Diagnosis Guide in Sims 4

This guide will tell you everything about the Doctor Career and Diagnosis in The Sims 4.  

As a doctor, you will need to diagnose and treat sick Sims, and you can find the disease by running various tests. You can pick the test from a few options, as shown in the image below. 

If you diagnose incorrectly, your work performance will decrease, and if you misdiagnose the Sims more than three times, you will be fired from the hospital. If you pay full attention to the symptoms and find out what illness he is suffering from, you can get a better diagnosis. These symptoms overlap with illness, so it is hard to find the disease. 

There are eight different types of diseases and thirteen key symptoms. If the Sims rub their stomach, then it means they are suffering from stomach aches, and if the Sims are getting hot, you will see the steam coming out from the Sims, which means they are suffering from fever.  

The Sim will look like a tiger in the tiger stripe rash, and you can easily diagnose this disease. The spotted rash is a circular rash that appears all over the body and face of the Sim, and it is also an easy task to diagnose this disease.

A Swirl rash looks like a spiral on the Sim’s face; when the Sim starts to chlorinate themselves, it means they are suffering from itching or scratching. When the Sim starts dazzling, and a small star halo starts running around their head, they are suffering from coughing. 

If there is a fly in front of their face and when they start swiping their hands left and right, it means they are suffering from swatting. When the Sim has an orange visual which pulsates outwards from their head, it means they are suffering from a headache, as shown in the image below.  

At the start of the career, you need to chat with your co-workers; you also need to take patients to their beds and deliver meals to them, which will help you make progress in this career. The best moodlet for this career is Focus which you can achieve by pondering moves at a chessboard, as shown in the image below.  

To get promoted in this career, you must diagnose and treat the Sims correctly. The treatment will never fail when you successfully diagnose a patient; you can also check the diagnosis and treatment progress from the meter appearing on the top left side of the screen, as shown in the image below.  

When you perform the required tasks and progress in your career, you will get more options for tests and more effective results. You can also observe other Sims to find out their symptoms, so you don’t have to run a test on each patient. 

When you reach level four, you can access the x-ray and treadmill tests which will help to narrow down the illness. If your Sim has level eight in handiness, you can also upgrade the testing machines not to break and become faster because these tests take a lot of time to complete.

When you reach level seven, you need to perform three surgeries, get promoted, and do this from random emergency surgery events. If your performance is good, then you can also misdiagnose a patient with a disease that requires surgery, and then you have to perform surgery.

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