Dungeon Encounters – Controls Guide

Dungeon Encounters is a role-playing video game in which you will need to engage your enemies in thrilling battles. Make use of different abilities to overcome obstacles and bring the enemies down.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Dungeon Encounters.


ConfirmK / EnterPress K / Enter to Confirm
CancelL / BackspacePress L / Backspace to Cancel
Use AbilityJPress J to Use Ability
Main MenuIPress I to Open Main Menu
UpW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Up
LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Left
DownS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Down
RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Right
PreQPress Q to Pre
Next PageEPress E to Open Next Page
Reduce SpeedUPress U to Open Reduce Speed
Increase SpeedOPress O to Increase Speed
PauseYPress Y to Pause
Battle LogBPress B to Use Battle Log


ConfirmBPress B to Confirm
CancelAPress A to Cancel
Use AbilityXPress X to Use Ability
Main MenuYPress Y to Open Main Menu
Next PageRBPress RB to Open Next Page
Reduce SpeedLTPress LT to Reduce Speed
Increase SpeedRTPress RT to Increase Speed
PauseMenu ButtonPress Menu Button to Pause
Battle LogR3Press R3 to Battle Log
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