Dysterra – Controls Guide

Dysterra is a new twist on shooters, combining FPS and survival game elements while providing players with an immersive Sci-Fi experience. You have to loot, craft new items, and build a shelter so that you can survive as long as possible. Dysterra provides you with a choice to co-operate or compete with other players.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Dysterra.

Move ForwardWPress W to Move Forward
Move BackwardSPress S to Move Backward
Move LeftAPress A to Move Left
Move RightDPress D to Move Right
Jump / VaultSpacebarPress Spacebar to Jump / Vault
SprintLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Sprint
CrouchCPress C to Crouch
Lean LeftQPress Q to Lean Left
Lean RightEPress E to Lean Right
ReloadRPress R to Reload
InteractFPress F to Interact
MapMPress M to Open Map
InventoryIPress I to Open Inventory
CraftingUPress U to Use Crafting
RadiogramJPress J to Use Radiogram
Machine ArmYPress Y to Use Machine Arm
LandmarksOPress O to Use Landmarks
MailboxPPress P to Open Mailbox
SurvivorsKPress K to Survivors
Build MenuF2Press F2 to Build Menu
Management MenuF3Press F3 to Management Menu
Fire-modeBPress B to Fire-mode
Hyper Sensory VisionVPress V to Use Hyper Sensory Vision
Auto RunHomePress Home to Auto Run
Chat MessageEnterPress Enter to Chat Message
Remove MarkerDelPress Del to Remove Marker
Place MarkerInsPress Ins to Place Marker
Switch Quickslot BarZPress Z to Switch Quickslot Bar
TalkTPress T to Talk
Quick Slot 11Press 1 to Use Quick Slot 1
Quick Slot 22Press 2 to Use Quick Slot 2
Quick Slot 33Press 3 to Use Quick Slot 3
Quick Slot 44Press 4 to Use Quick Slot 4
Quick Slot 55Press 5 to Use Quick Slot 5
Quick Slot 66Press 6 to Use Quick Slot 6
Quick Slot 77Press 7 to Use Quick Slot 7
Quick Slot 88Press 8 to Use Quick Slot 8

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