Easy way to Find the Coral Tube Starting Point in Subnautica.

This guide will provide you with the easiest way to find the Coral Tube starting point in Subnautica.

To find the coral tube that sticks up out of the water, you will need to start from any starting point. You have to go in front of the left side of the aurora, staying near the safe shallows biome.

You don’t need anything specific for this, though a compass does help with finding the tube easier.

Once you are in front of the left side of the aurora, you will need to find the bottom right engine on the aurora, and you have to look at the left side of it so that you can line up with it. You have to be in this position and then turn around and go in the exact opposite direction from that position. You will eventually see the coral tube either in front, to your left, or right.

If you have a compass, you have to look southeast on the compass and go in the northwest direction, which is the opposite direction of the engine.

The coordinates for the coral tube are (-44.6, -1.3, -42.3). 

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