Economy Guide – Hunt Royale

This first portion of the guide is focused on showing how to get Gold and Gems, the second portion will focus on optimizing your chest gains, and the third portion will focus on how to spend these features efficiently. 

10K Gold and 500 Gems is a very good amount to keep stored in the game. The easiest way to get Gold and Gems is by buying packs with real money.

The fastest way to get a minimum amount of these resources is by watching the three daily ads in the Shop, it is useful for later but not a good way to get resources.

But it’s still very important to see those six ads because they will help you Switch the Advertisements Chest, which requires ten viewed ads to be acquired.

Now let’s head to a more interesting chest, the Free Rewards box above the daily missions. Every day, it will have four different items for you to collect. 1 ad =1 reward. 

The rewards can be the following ones: Gold, Gems, Hunter Pieces, Regular Box, Big Box, and Mega Box. The good thing about getting chests is that they can give you a lot of Gold too, as well as new Hunters and Permanent Perks.

 A tab that cannot be ignored if you want to farm Gems is the Hunt Tasks tab.

Here, you will have two modes, Daily Missions, and Weekly Missions. Weekly Missions are longer missions with a higher reward, while daily missions are relatively short and have a good reward. Both sections update at midnight, the daily missions update every day while the weekly updates every seven days.

Another way to get Chests and resources is with the Trophy system. After a certain point, the rewards will rotate as the following:

500 Gold -> 25 Gems -> Mega Box

And so on, just changing the number of trophies needed.

Another good way to collect resources is the Season Pass, and it doesn’t even have to be the paid version; the free version gives you dozens of chests of all kinds.

Best of all, when you reach level 100, for every 1000 battle tokens you collect, you’ll get a Mega Box! There’s a lot of stuff, even for the F2P players.

Now, another fantastic way to get mega boxes is completing the events.

After learning the strategy, you can easily complete tier 3.

And even if you can’t accomplish it, a big box already helps a lot with gold and some Hunter pieces. 

It is very important to get this free ticket too. More events provide you with more chests and resources.

You can also gain hunters and perks.

Now let’s go to the king of gem farming that is called The Bestiary. There is no easier way to farm gems when you are a beginner than with The Bestiary.

The easiest thing in the game is to pick a nice Hunter and go to Coop with him. Make some waves, and you will complete your Bestiary slowly; it will give you hundreds of gems.  

The bosses and mini-bosses are always the easiest to complete, do not be alarmed; this is completely normal. It is very quick to collect the six stars for a boss doing Co-op all day.

The Advertisement Chest can give you the same amount of gold a Mega Box does and the same amount of Hunter Pieces of a Big Box.

Unfortunately, this chest cannot drop new Hunters or Permanent Perks; the developer decided to put it this way.

But up to 250 Gold and 40 Hunter Pieces are worth it. And all you need to do is watch 10 ads, which may seem like a lot, but you don’t even notice throughout the day.

A total of 1586 pieces is required, and with gold, the thing gets even crazier; 15890 Gold coins are needed. So you should start saving your resources.

If you don’t know where to spend the gold, it is where the shop comes in.

In addition to the free daily item, it can give you up to 2 Permanent Perks per day; each one costs 2k Gold coins. 

With the tips, it is very easy to collect 2k gold per day, it is always recommended to have at least Gold enough to buy 2 Perks; you never know when a good Per will appear in this store. 

The store also has an ad button to renew the items. You can be fortunate with Hunter’s Perks and Pieces. 

Now let’s see how to get some great Chests quickly and simply!

You can obtain defeat and victory chests by losing or winning matches in the following modes: hunt, bounty hunter, and boss hunt!

These chests can not be obtained in co-op mode. 

Here’s the easiest way to get the Defeat Chest remembering that it is necessary at an interval of a match to get another chest; if you lose now, you must play a normal match, and then, when you lose again, you can get another one.

Simple as that, you will lose some trophies, but it will be very fast. 

And with Victory Chest, it’s simple too, win a match in 1st or 2nd place, and you’ll get it too! 

It can give you a ton of gold; it’s certainly worth it! 

Now let’s go to something that few people know that there is an ad that gives you a free level in the Pass everyone knows, but what they do not know is the amount required for this ad to appear!

It only appears when you have 85% of the Season Pass bar completed, that in this case, would be 850 tokens.

85% of 1000 = 850 tokens.

Look who just appeared in another ad for us and a free Pass level! 

It is even better when you are at 100+ level in the Pass because you know for sure that there will be a Mega Box there. And the more Mega Boxes we get, the more Gold and Hunters Pieces we will have, and the more chances of getting new Hunters and Perks too!

Let’s go for a quick unboxing? 

190 Gold! If we open 3 to 4 of these a day, it’s easy to get 1k Gold coins in one day.

As the ads are cumulative, you can stack them at your will. There may be a time when you can hold them and more than 120 ads to open everything at once.

It doesn’t give you many pieces, but the Gold amount is as much as a Mega Box.

This package can save you if you need to buy an excellent Perk urgently in the shop, but you don’t have gold. 

If you want to invest in something now to get a return over the days, then the Token Booster will be your best friend. 

It’s always good to have it active with 500 or 1000 additional tokens.

A very rare item appears in the shop, which is a Hunter costing 500″ Gems.  You will need to pay 500 Gems to unlock a random Hunter.

A very good place to spend Gems is in the Season Pass, raising your higher levels (around level 30-50). Using Gems is a great strategy to earn countless chests; each level costs only 30 Gems, from start to finish! 

The buttons for leveling up are within the strokes.

The next one is the best way to spend your gems but under one condition!

You have to be 110% sure that you can complete the daily event three times from start to finish. It gives 3 Mega Boxes per day with Events alone, and the ticket is not so expensive; it only costs 40 gems. 

Here are the Pieces and Gold needed to go from LVL 1 to 10:

LVL 2 – 2 Pieces and 10 Gold

LVL 3 – 4 Pieces and 30 Gold 

LVL 4 – 10 Pieces and 100 Gold 

LVL 5 – 20 Pieces and 250 Gold 

LVL 6 – 50 Pieces and 500 Gold 

LVL 7 – 100 Pieces and 1000 Gold 

LVL 8 – 200 Pieces and 2000 Gold 

LVL 9 – 400 Pieces and 4000 Gold 

LVL 10 – 800 Pieces and 8,000 Gold 

Total – 1586 Pieces and 15890 Gold

Possible Daily ads table:

4 ads – Victory and Defeat Chests

4 ads – Free daily rewards 

6 ads – Gold and Gems in the shop

1 ad – Battle token recharge 

1 ad – Renewal for daily missions

1 ad-Shop Items Renewal 

1 ad 85% Season Pass level complement

1 ad Extra Event Ticket

TOTAL – 19 ads per day

Best options for using your gold:

You can use your gold to buy Permanent Perks in the shop / Hunters Parts. 

Raising the Hunters consciously so as not to run out of gold and miss out

on offers and opportunities.

Where to use Gems efficiently: 

You can use the games for Extra Event Ticket, Level up in the Season Pass, buy Token Boosters and Gold Package in case of emergency.

How NOT to use Gems efficiently:

Buy Mega Boxes and Big Boxes in the shop, It may seem tempting, but it is not worth the price paid on them unless you plan to put real money in the game. Buy Gold packs all the time and also buy the Random Hunter.

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