Edgar Tips and Tricks – Brawl Stars

In this guide, you will know all the details, tips, and tricks about Edgar in Brawl Stars. Follow the simple steps in this guide to push the rank of Edgar. 

Edgar is an assassin brawl, so it helps to push the rank. If you have the gadgets, you can easily push the Edgar, but if you don’t have any gadgets, you can also push.  

The gadget “lets fly” will charge your super to seven hundred percent in just three seconds, and it is the best gadget of Edgar. 

It has only one-star power; when you use your super to your nearby enemies, they will get one thousand damage points to the opponent, so if you use it without star power, it is also fine, but you need to have the gadget.  

The best game modes for Edgar are solos, duos, and 3vs3 because Edgar is a short-range brawl. If you are pushing it and you got any showdown map or brawl ball or any 3vs3 map that is long-range and has less bushes, then the Edgar will not be pushed easily. If you use any map with many bushes or obstacles, you can push Edgar very easily.  

If you are playing in showdown thousand lakes, it is an open map, and they have the bushes on a long distance. When you try to get to the bushes, your enemy will kill you, so you don’t have to push in a thousand lakes.  

And if you are playing in orgy map royal runway, you cannot use Edgar because it is a long-range map, and you can only use long-range brawl, so you cannot push Edgar in this map. 

The best game mode to push Edgar is Gem Grab, and you have to make sure not to be a Gem carrier. You have to be a supportive brawl because if you are supercharged, and your opponent and your team have five gems, you have to use your super and attack them to get the gems very easily and come back, and you will get health in Gem Grab. 

And if you are playing in brawl ball, the best way is if you have the ball and there are only one or two brawlers, then you have to pass the ball ahead and use super to go, and then you will definitely goal if there is no one ahead of you and with this trick, you can goal very easily.  

When you are playing in siege, you have to attack that enemy who will grab the netball, and you can easily kill him straight away with Edgar. You can also win, but the main thing is if you are pushing in 2vs2, then your teammate will not be random as well as in 3vs3.

If you are pushing with your teammate, the main thing is you have to select the best coms, and you don’t have to pick any random coms, 3vs3 if you are pushing the Edgar, then your opponents must have the long-range brawler, and if they don’t then, you will easily get out.  

The best game mode for Edgar is Present Plunder. It is the best game mode to win the match, and it will take only ten to fifteen seconds minimum to win the game and max it’s up to you because the super of Edgar is very effective in pleasant plunder so you can easily push Edgar and as well as win the game. 

If there is an Edgar in your opponent team and you want to counter him. When he uses his super on you, you have to go left or right and wait till he follows you to attack you, then definitely his health will decrease. When you hit him, your wealth will increase, and you can easily counter Edgar’s opponents Edgar with this method. 

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