Enemy Front – Save Game

Enemy Front is a first-person shooter that emphasizes player choice and strategy. Players are free to engage in combat conventions not traditionally seen in first-person shooters, allowing for a varied and challenging experience. The world of Enemy Front is richly interactive and bombards players with visual effects unique to the genre, from dynamic weather changes to destructible environments. CI Games developed it. It is available on PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox 360.

Where is the save game folder in Enemy Front?

You can find the “Enemy Front” save file in your user directory. You have to open Windows Explorer and navigate to “Saved Games”. After that, double-click on “EnemyFront” to access the save file. 

Example– C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Saved Games\EnemyFront

How Do I Install the Save File?

First, you will need to download the save game file and extract it with the help of WinZip. After that, you have to copy the save file to a save games location and make sure to have a backup of your save. 

Important: Always back up the save file before replacing it with the new one.

Download Save File:

The main game and DLCs are 100% completed in this save file. All of the secrets are also collected.

Download Link: 

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