Enemy Remains – Controls Guide

Enemy Remains is an action-adventure game that offers a blend of intense action and survival horror.  It is a punishing twin-stick shooter that tasks the players to explore creepy mansions, mysterious forests, and slaughtering farms.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Enemy Remains.

MovementsW A S DPress W A S D to Move
AttackLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Attack
ReloadRight Mouse Button or RPress Right Mouse Button or R to Reload
Use / InteractEPress E to Use / Interact
FlashlightFPress F to Flashlight
Instant MedkitMiddle Mouse Button or VPress Middle Mouse Button or V to Use Medkit Instantly.
Weapon SelectionMouse Scroll or Number KeysPress Mouse Scroll or Number Keys to Use Weapon Selection
MenuEscPress Esc to Open Menu
UpdateCPress C to Update

Enemy Remains Controls for PC

MovementsLeft Analog StickPress Left Analog Stick to Move
AimingRight Analog StickPress Right Analog Stick to Aim
AttackRTPress RT to Attack
ReloadLTPress LT to Reload Weapons
Weapon ScrollLB or XPress LB or X to Weapon Scroll
FlashlightAPress A to Use Flashlight
Use / InteractYPress Y to Use / Interact
Instant MedkitBPress B to Instant Medkit
UpdateView ButtonPress View Button to Update
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