Enter The Gungeon Console Commands (Cheat Codes)

Enter the Gungeon game was originally released in 2016 and it took the hearts of the game players in a quick instant. It is an excellent game of the roguelike genre with lots of secrets and fun content to discover. It has got some really great comedic weapons, a charming cast of characters, and a great soundtrack that really adds to the replay element of the game. You will play as one of the characters and start exploring the gungoens while fighting against a horde of enemies in each room. Enter the Gungeon is a must play game for roguelike or bullet hell fans. 

Enter the Gungeon game has a vast range of console commands that will provide you with items, perks and much more. If you fall short of any game perks, items or you want to perform a particular function, then the console commands will help you to fulfil your desires. To use the console commands, you will need to download and install Mod The Gungeon. To open the Mod the Gungeon console in-game, you simply have to press the “~” key on your keyboard. And then you can use your commands to get the required output.

Enter the Gungeon Console Commands


godmodeThis is a toggle command that is used to enables or disable the god mode.
test skiplevelThis console command will take you to the next floor.
stat set sessionYou can change and saves the number of points in the statistics item with the help of this console command.
stat setThis console command is used to change and save the number of points in the statistics item.
stat listThis command will dispaly all the statistics items that can be used in the stat commands.
state modYou can add points to any stat item by executing this console command.
stat getThis command is used to display the item statistics.
conf enable_achievementsThis command will enable the ability to get achievements while using the mods.
conf enable_damage_indicatorThis command is used to check how much the enemy has damaged by the player.
conf close_console_on_commandThis command will close the console after entering a command.
roll speedYou can change the roll speed by using this command.
roll distanceThis console command helps you to change the roll distance.
give casingYou will get the specified number of cases by executing this command..
give all activesYou will get all the active items in the game with the help of this console command.
give all passivesThis command is used to get all the passive items in the game.
give all gunsThis console command will give you all the weapons in the game.
give allYou will get all the items and weapons by executing this command.
giveThis console command is used to get the particular item or weapon.
spawn allThis commmand will create every enemy and boss in the room .
spawn chestExecute this command and it will create the specified chest.
spawnThe spawn command is used to create the specified enemy,
clearThis cosnole command will clear the entire console.
character swapThis command will provide an alternative skin to the sparticular player.
characterThis will change the weaponsmith to a particular weaponsmith.
tpThe teleport command will teleport you to the specified coordinates.
screenshakeThis command is used to put the screen shake to the particular value.
exitThis console command is used to close the console.
helpThis will command will issues help.

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