Every Curse Explained – Sims 4

This guide will provide information about every Curse in The Sims 4. 

The curse of awkward Embraces is straightforward, and your sim will randomly compel you to hug nearby strangers in this curse. The curse of infectious laughter happens when your sim will start laughing for an extended period in random intervals, and everyone around you will start laughing as well, as shown in the image below.  

The curse of Repulsiveness will give your sim a tense moodlet for a few hours, and at that time, they will turn into repulsive green, and also, the other sim will not be able to stand around them. The moodlet ties in your green state, so you can also check for how long the moodlet will last, and when the moodlet ends, you will transform into your normal color. 

The curse of unwarranted Hostility will give your sim all sorts of trouble from everyone, so if you are on the street and you watch other sims, then the sims will attack you for no reason. The curse of uncontrollable charge will increase all spell charge gains in the game. After three spells, you will be in the overcharged state, as shown in the image below. 

This terrible curse will make your hygiene bar go from green to red in just one day. You won’t be able to shower or do anything about it. It’s a terrible inconvenience for your dating and social life, and it’ll negatively affect your mood and make you feel awful.

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