Every Free Item in Brawlhalla (How to Get Them!)

In this guide, you will get to know how to get free items in Brawlhalla. You have to follow a few steps, and it will help you out for sure.

You can customize your players in Brawlhalla by using legend skins, weapon skins, podiums, avatars, sidekicks, KO effects, and many more. The issue is that most of the skins are premium. So you must have the money to buy them. But you can get many skins for free. You can get some easily, some take time, and some are not easy to get, but you can still acquire them for free. 

The Gifts of Asgard is a set of skin that you can easily acquire in a short time. To get it, you have to follow Brawlhalla’s official social media accounts. It contains the Sword Of The Raven, the Axe Of The World Eagle, Odin’s Spear, the Katars Of The Raven, and the Raven’s Talon.     


The Legends Colors are easy to get, but it takes some time. In starting, you have a few colors, but you can unlock more awesome colors by leveling up each legend to level 25. 

The colors which you can unlock are purple, orange, cyan, sunset, grey, pink, and red.

But for black and white color, you will need 10,000 and 25,000 gold respectively.

You can get many more awesome skins during the special timed events and unlock them with gold.

There are many special color skins that you can get by leveling up your battle pass tiers. 

You can earn Legends by completing challenges and playing games for free. You can get any of them for free but it requires a long time to get them. 

You can unlock the Ranked Rewards through glory instead of gold coins or Mammoth coins. It takes a lot of time to unlock the rank rewards.

You must earn the glory, it will be deposited into your account at the end of each ranking season, with an approximate duration of 13 weeks. You can get skyforge colors, gold forge colors, and many more of them.

Your total wins determine your glory

Your rank gives you a bonus amount.

The Twitch Viewership Reward is the hardest and requires a very long time to get free items. In 2020, Brawlhalla introduced a Twitch Viewership Reward extension for Twitch streams. It allows you to get free codes for many different items. To earn free codes, you have to watch streams. 

What made it the hardest way to get free items is that it requires hours of streams to watch. You have to be aware of the stream schedule to get unique rewards. 

It’s very tough to get Unique Titles in Brawlhalla. On the other hand, you can get some titles easily. You have to Log In during the timed event.  

The others can be earned by 1vs1 world champion, being a bcx finalist, and being a partner creator with bgm.  

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