Every Sea Beast Spawn Locations | King Legacy

This guide will give you details about Every Sea Beast Spawn Locations in the King Legacy game.

Location # 1

First we are going to check location #1 The probability of spawning here is quite low but you can spot the island from the 2nd sea spawn.

Location #2

Location #2 is the most common spawn location, it is recommend to check Location #2 First. You can spot the island from far away because of its plain sea.

Reminder: Sea beasts/Legacy Island Spawn after 1 hour So If you didn’t find any in all the locations just server hop.

We’ll skip location 3 because if you are going to check Location 2 you can check both location 3 and 1 from your place.

For the location #4 There is a shortcut to the sea route. If you don’t have flying df you can go from the boat.

There it is, I can spot the island from here. People without log pose it won’t be that difficult now

Now moving on to the last location, Location #5

Last Location spawn is after Skull island but very far away. There it is the legacy land.

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