Every Vampire Power in Sims 4

This guide will tell you about all the Vampire powers in The Sims 4.  

There are five powers available from the fledgling level, and the first one is Detect Personality power, in which you can detect personality. The next power you will get is bat form, in which your sim will gain the ability to travel as a bat, and you will see them transform and fly away before reappearing at the spot to which you choose to go. 

The cast hallucination will cause the sim to talk to themselves, and also, they will get dazed. Eternally Welcome power is used to suck other sims’ blood, and it will also let your vampire force their way into a sim’s house, and you can unlock doors as well. Occult Master power has three ranks in which they lower the amount of vampiric energy your vampire uses. It will also help you level up your rank and gain more vampire experience for performing more interactions without a recharge.

The Vampiric Fascination is a vampiric charm, and with its power, your sim can activate empiric and give you plus three happy moodlet for four hours. It will boost romantic interactions by captivating other sims with your vampire. There will be three ranks for this power in which at rank one, you will get plus one happy moodlet, and rank three will give you plus three happy moodlet. 

The Vampiric Might is a fitness skill that has three ranks: you will win fights and vampiric Sparse. With this power working out will be easier, and your fitness goal level will also increase as you progress in the rank. You can crush metals into elements on the top rank, as shown in the image below. 

Command power is very helpful for vampires as you can make other sims mean to others and make them repair objects, and you can also make them sit on the floor. Garlic immunity can be used to eat, immune to garlic effects. The vampire creation power is used to create your vampire in which you can turn other Sims into vampires, as shown in the image below. 

Mesmerize ability is used to put another sim into a trance, and this will give you plus ten dazed moodlet. The master of darkness is a strong power, and it has three ranks that activate between six to seven am. Each rank increases the powers, and you will get a permanent happy moodlet while progressing in the rank. Your sim will gain skill quickly and use less vampiric energy. 

The irresistible Slumber is a vampiric power that will put another sim to sleep on the spot. The Manipulate Life spirit power is available under the feeding option, and you will be able to drain the sim’s life spirit. And with this, you can also remove their memories and relationships, giving them a confident moodlet for two days, as shown in the image below. 

Vampiric Trance power increases the rate of power gained during sleep, and it has three ranks. And on each rank, your vampire sim will gain their vampiric energy. Deadened Emotions power has three ranks, and its worlds by giving your vampire sim a permanent fine moodlet. When you are on rank one, you will get a plus three, and at rank two, you will get a plus five, and rank three will give you plus ten. 

Supernatural Speed power will make sims run faster than a normal sim. The deprive Needs power is used to deplete the needs of another sim. Deprived needs let you target a sim and choose between hunger, energy, and hygiene to reach the top of the bar. Perfect Sun resistance power is used on vampires to be completely immune to the sun, and there will be three ranks in this. And after reaching the top rank, the sun will not affect you, so you can go wherever you want during the day. 

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