Everything You Should Know In King Legacy

In this guide, we are going to tell you all the stuff which you should know in King Legacy.

Max stats of defensive, devil fruit, sword, melee is 3750. When you get max level, you can max any 3 stats.

XMAS blade is not obtainable now, it was only obtainable on king piece 2020 christmas update.

Now you can’t sell swords. This is done to prevent sword duplicating and beli bugs.

You can not buy more than 5 devil fruits from gacha with beli. But you can buy infinite gems.

Currently there are 3 legendary fruits, 13 rare fruits, 6 uncommon and 7 common fruits in the game.

These are what all 3 legendary fruits look like:

Dragon fruit



Fruit spawn in 30 minutes and despawn in 30 minutes.

Both in the old and new world.

You will have 0.1 % to get free Hao Haki, when you join the game for the first time.

King legacy discord servers always get full (100k limit).

There are a total of three raid bosses in the game right now. When they spawn, the following text appears in the chat.

Oars Boss


Shanks Boss

Samurai Boss

If you have spino or allo fruit you can change its skin from Nishi NPC for 1 gem.

The location of soru skill is at a small marine island/ soldier island. It’s cost is 50k beli.

Buso haki is located on bubble island and it costs 500k beli.

Ken haki’s location is in skypiea. It’s cost is 1.5 million beli.

Devil fruit remover NPC is also at skypiea and it costs 10,000 beli.

Currently max level is 3000, max beli is 50 million and max gem is 10k in the game.

If you kill someone you will get 12.5 percent of their bounty.

If you have these bounty, the following message will appear in the chat whenever you join the game.

5M+ – be careful!

10M+ – dangerous!

50M+ – run away!

100M+ – Top Bounty!

In the new world/ second sea there is a greater chance for a rare to spawn and may be legendary.

Gacha Rarity

Common 60%

Uncommon 30%

Rare 9.9%

Legendary 0.1%

Stock rarity

Now legendary 0.24%, rare 34.27%, uncommon 31.72% , Common 33.78%.

If you buy a devil fruit with robux, it will be with you permanently and you can obtain it anytime.

New world features everything that was in the old world. For example: fighting style, Gacha, raid mode.

Currently there are no races, crews, pirate and marine teams in the game, so I hope they add these basic things soon.

Shadow is the best AFK farming fruit in King Legacy.

Dough spin has a limit; it can’t go an infinite ride like other flying fruits.

Allo is actually rare. It has things that are rare. But dev’s accidentally have added allo in uncommon.

Raid mode has 30 levels and if you complete raid mode you will get 5 gems and 1 million beli. You get only 2 lifes in raid mode.

If you die in the raid mode, you can pay 25 robux to get one more life, but if you have no robux you will stay dead. And if the raid gets completed, you will get a reward too.

String will come to stocks now. String is faster than dragon fruit if you use it correctly.

Ope is actually op for pcp/bounty hunting because with its circle it can tip you out from safezone and rest you know.

Dragon spino buffs your health when transformed and also doesn’t heal until you untransform.

Mini kaido mace seller spawns at every hour in the map and despawns after 15 minutes, its cost is 500k beli.

Currently light is the fastest flying fruit.


These are the current working codes:

Codes list:

‘BeckyStyle’ 100,000 beli

‘Peodiz’ +100,000 beli

‘kingPieceComeback’ +100,000 beli

‘DragonIsStrong’ +100,000 beli

‘RedBird’ +250,000 beli

New Codes:

‘100klikes’ reset stats

‘100Mvisits’ +100,000 beli

‘200kfav’ +100,000 beli

‘Samurai’ +3 Gem

‘Dough’ + 2 Gem

‘Spino’ + 2 Gem

‘Allo’ +1 Gem


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