Exodus Borealis – Controls Guide

Exodus Borealis is a game of exploration and survival where players are cast away on an unknown island with few resources and must find a way to continue their journey. You will find yourself on an unknown island, you must try to sail back away from here.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Exodus Borealis.

Action / SelectionLeft Mouse ButtonPress Left Mouse Button to Use Action
Cancel / DeselectRight Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Cancel
ForwardW / Up ArrowPress W / Up Arrow to Move Forward
BackwardS / Down ArrowPress S / Down Arrow to Move Backwards
LeftA / Left ArrowPress A / Left Arrow to Move Left
RightD / Right ArrowPress D / Right Arrow to Move Right
Rotate ClockwiseQPress Q to Rotate Clockwise
Rotate Counter-ClockwiseEPress E to Rotate Counter-Clockwise
Rotate UpPage UpPress Page Up to Rotate Up
Rotate DownPage DownPress Page Down to Rotate Down
Zoom In=Press = to Zoom In
Zoom OutPress – to Zoom Out
Fast Movement (Hold)Left ShiftPress Left Shift to Move Fastly
Mouse Movement (Hold)Right Mouse ButtonPress Right Mouse Button to Move Mouse
Mouse Rotate (Hold)Middle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Rotate Mouse
Rotate ClockwiseRPress R to Rotate Clockwise
Next Build VariationTPress T to Next Build Variation
Low Priority1Press 1 to Use Low Priority
Normal Priority2Press 2 to Use Normal Priority
High Priority3Press 3 to Use High Priority
Cancel / DestroyXPress X to Cancel
Copy SelectedCPress C to Copy Selected
Rebuild DestroyedZPress Z to Rebuild Destroyed
Build CivilianF1Press F1 to Build Civilian
Build DefenseF2Press F2 to Build Defense
Job ManagementF3Press F3 to Use Job Management
ResearchF4Press F4 to Research
Citizen DetailsF5Press F5 to Open Citizen Details
StatisticsF6Press F6 to Open Statistics
Pause (Toggle)SpacePress Space to Pause
PauseF8Press F8 to Pause
Standard SpeedF9Press F9 to Speed Up
Double SpeedF10Press F10 to Double The Speed
Quadruple SpeedF11Press F11 to Quadruple The Speed
Invader Healthbar (Toggle)VPress V to See Invader Healthbar (Toggle)
Screenshot Mode (Toggle)`Press ` to Open Screenshot Mode (Toggle)
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