Expeditions: Rome – Controls Guide

Expeditions: Rome is a turn-based tactical RPG that offers players a chance to experience the often violent and chaotic life in Ancient Rome. The gameplay focuses on combat and character development where players can customize their characters’ looks, gender, and skills to match their playstyle and role-playing fantasy.

In this guide, you’ll find all the Controls to play Expeditions: Rome.


Camera Follow CharacterFPress F to Follow the Character
Camera RotationMiddle Mouse ButtonPress Middle Mouse Button to Use Camera Rotation
Rotate Camera ClockwiseXPress X to Rotate the Camera Clockwise
Rotate Camera AnticlockwiseZPress Z to Rotate Camera Anticlockwise
Reset Camera AngleRPress R to Reset the Camera Angle
Move Camera ForwardWPress W to Move Camera Forward
Move Camera LeftAPress A to Move Camera Left
Move Camera BackwardSPress S to Move Camera Backward
Move Camera RightDPress D to Move Camera Right


Quick LoadF9Press F9 to Use Quick Load
Quick SaveF5Press F5 to Use Quick Save
Skip / Continue DialogueSpacePress Space to Skip


Hold to WalkLeft ShiftPress Left Shift to Walk
Loot AllSpacePress Space to Loot All
Toggle HighlightsVPress V to Toggle Highlights
Track QuestTPress T to Track Quest
Stats PanelUPress U to Use Stats Panel
Skills PanelGPress G to Use Skills Panel
Inventory PanelIPress I to Open Inventory Panel
Quest LogJPress J to Open Quest Log
Outpost ManagementOPress O to Outpost Management
Triage PanelHPress H to Use Triage Panel
Claim Twitch Care PackageCPress C to Claim Twitch Care Package


End TurnEndPress End to End Turn
Swap Target TooltipEPress E to Swap Target Tooltip
Swap Weapon SetQPress Q to Swap Weapon Set
Cancel Current ActionCPress C to Cancel Current Action
Next CharacterTabPress Tab to Get to Next Character
Previous CharacterCtrl + TabPress Ctrl + Tab to Use Previous Character
Select Character 1Ctrl + 1Press Ctrl + 1 to Select Character 1
Select Character 2Ctrl + 2Press Ctrl + 2 to Select Character 2
Select Character 3Ctrl + 3Press Ctrl + 3 to Select Character 3
Select Character 4Ctrl + 4Press Ctrl + 4 to Select Character 4
Select Character 5Ctrl + 5Press Ctrl + 5 to Select Character 5
Select Character 6Ctrl + 6Press Ctrl + 6 to Select Character 6
Select Character 7Ctrl + 7Press Ctrl + 7 to Select Character 7
Select Character 8Ctrl + 8Press Ctrl + 8 to Select Character 8
Select Character 9Ctrl + 9Press Ctrl + 9 to Select Character 9
Weapon Skill 11Press 1 to Use Weapon Skill 1
Weapon Skill 22Press 2 to Use Weapon Skill 2
Weapon Skill 33Press 3 to Use Weapon Skill 3
Class Skill 14Press 4 to Use Class Skill 1
Class Skill 25Press 5 to Use Class Skill 2
Class Skill 36Press 6 to Use Class Skill 3
Class Skill 47Press 7 to Use Class Skill 4
Class Skill 58Press 8 to Use Class Skill 5
Class Skill 69Press 9 to Use Class Skill 6
Tactical Item 10Press 0 to Use Tactical Item 1
Tactical Item 2Press – to Use Tactical Item 2
Tactical Item 3=Press = to Use Tactical Item 3
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