Exploring Cave And Open Password ChestSaved to Drive – Harvest Town

This guide will let you know how you can explore the caves and open up the chest password in the Harvest Town game. 

Let’s start by buying some potions from Lee Wah. 

You can buy some life potions, just in case you will need them. 

In this cave, you can collect wild crops from all seasons on every floor. 

You can go deeper by entering the stairs that pop up when you kill a monster.

The monster drops some items, and sometimes it’s a diary note. 

You can find the code there for opening a locked chest. 

So the code is 2957. Hard to find the code, just only for dark essence. 

Every time you enter certain floors like 9, 19, 29, etc., you will need to defeat a monster. 

Floor 19 

Floor 29 

After defeating the boss, you will find a cave merchant on the next floor. You can buy some consumed items with dark essence that were dropped from the monster. 

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