F2P Best Strategy – Black Desert Mobile Guide

In this guide, you will learn the F2P best strategies in the Black Desert Mobile game. 

Why do we need alternate characters?

Solution for CP problem

Once the main character level is maxed to 55 and CP stuck at 2500 or even above 3000. Alt characters are the “free” strategy for F2P, to slowly increase character CP.

Farming character

By repeating the main quest using alt characters, players can earn more contribution points. 

It is the only way to hire more workers, even for the p2w players, because you can’t buy contribution points with money. Alt also helps to collect hundreds of boss stamps and black stones to level up equipment. 

You can use tons of prize from the quests to feed the black spirit. Alt can be a silver farmer at quint hill when the main character can no longer get drops. 

Collect new tiles

Playing alts with different classes will give chances to getting new tiles. 

Now we have five tips for you relating to alternative characters:

Tips 1: open extra character slots

Every player is given three character slots by default. 

To get more character slots, go to pearl shop, Misc. then etc. 

One character expansion slot is only 120 black pearls. 2 more slots can only be bought using 120 white pearls per piece. The Loggy family now has all five characters from all classes. 

Tip 2: Transfer items between characters

Once the alt is ready, time to gear him up. Take off all equipment from the main character. Put those equipment in a storage camp. Then put them on the Alt character. Because of strong equipment, alt can finish quests and level up faster.

Tip 3: Equipment strategy

All classes can wear the same armor, glove, helmet and shoe. The same rule also applies to all accessories and relics. 

Weapons and sub-weapons are a little bit different. Valkyrie and warrior can use the same ‘longsword’ and ‘shield”. 

Witch and ranger only share the same sub-weapon: “dagger”. 

Giant is exceptional; the axe and knot are only for his class. For the loggy family, you focus on all of the black stones collected from alt quest and allocate them to enhance one set of gear only. 

You will need to enhance these 4 gears up to level 30. Helmet, glove, armor and shoe. 

If you don’t want the alt to share the same equipment, use whatever you have, as long as the CP is enough for quests or farming. 

Tip 4 Deleting a character

You can begin the deletion process for this giant character. First, you have to make sure all equipment is taken off. Empty all inventory slots, except “Family”. And lastly unequip all lightstones (only the ones worn by the alt).

Don’t worry; it will not affect the main character. You have to go back to the lobby screen and tap “ delete character ”.

Tap “confirm”, and the three days countdown will start. During the deletion period, this character cannot be played. After three days, you can finally delete the character. To continue with the deletion, type” delete” in the given box. 

Tip 5 The Cycle Trick

You can do the cycle trick by repeating the main quests with multiple alt characters repeatedly. 

You will need to create a new alt character, transfer all equipment to the new alt. And perform the main quests until north calpheon. 

The reason why we only suggest chapter 4 is because of efficiency. Up to chapter 4, the quests and bosses are relatively easy. All can be cleared with less than 2300 CP. 

And it also saves a lot of time because if you push it, these 4 chapters can be cleared in 6-8 hours.

Store all prizes in the storage camp. 

Store every valuable prize from the quest at the storage camp. Especially the black stones, focus them all on enhancing the main equipment set. And feed all junk equipment and condensed energy ( you will get tons of these) to level up the BS. 

Clear ancient ruin and boss rush. 

You will get hundreds of ancient passes and boss rush tickets. Clear them for thousands of shakatu coins, tons of black stones, and millions of silver.

Enhancing equipment and levelling up the black spirit are the final goals. Just play the alt characters quests, slowly but surely, with no pressure.

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