F2p Guide to Farm 5 Million Silver per Day – Black Desert Mobile

This guide will provide you with the best locations to farm mill silver/day for CP 1,600+ in Black Desert Mobile. 

It is the best farming spot in the game. You will need at least 1590 Cp to farm here. 

Go to north calpheon, then quint hill. It is the juiciest farming spot. 

The trolls drop “troll hide” which is valued at 624 silver/pc. 

These monsters are so easy to kill, you don’t need to waste the potions. 

How much loot? Let’s test with 3 hours black spirit mode. Following are the loots you can get from 3 hours black spirit mode.

The troll hide can bring you a minimum: 400k silver/ 3 hours. You also get items to feed the BS. 

You will get tons of skill books. And black stones. 

Trolls also drop gold seals worth 100k per pc. 

So simply the best farming spot for the starting phase of the game. You can also go AFK mode and use ‘DROP RATE buffs’. 

5% from outlaw mode, 5% chicken soup, and 5 % special chicken soup. But be careful when using outlaw mode. 

If you run a 12 hours test under black spirit mode on this farming spot, you can gain around 1.2 million solvers. That means 24 hours 3.2 million silver (could be more). 

You only need to activate black spirit mode every three hours. 

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