F2P Wizard to Warlock Guide – Ragnarok M Eternal Love

It is a complete F2P guide for Wizard to Warlock Guide in Ragnarok M Eternal Love. 

Wizard is the class with a lot of AOE with crowd control skills in this game. He can easily kill the MVP with physical reflection and a physical regen shield. 

The wizard won’t die by this physical reflection. It also has the field control ability to gain control while the mob is overcrowded quickly. 

Wizards can farm faster and kill most MVPs solo with a priest with a powerful meteor storm in mid-game.  

Wizard stat build is simple, only Dex and Int. To reduce cast time, every 30 Dex reduces one second cast time. 

And Int for magical damage. Every total sum of 10 Int gives you more attack bonus which means the more Int you have, the more bonus you get. Early game, pumps all to Int for maximum damage.  

After 80+ in, you have to add some Dex to reduce meteor storm cast time(CT). 

Wizardry Staff or Elemental Fusion 

The wizardry staff is recommended as the end-game weapons. Because it provides -CT and 20% ignore Mdef. 

You have to choose wizardry over elemental fusion because, in EP4, the new monster has a very high Mdef, which reduces magical damage. 

100% ignore Mdef: Mole damage: 669145

Flower Dmg: 465966

Removed pet and sacrifice book: -35% ignore Mdef. 

65% ignore Mdef: Mole damage: 604537

Flower damage: 388014 

35% ignore Mdef have different 60k damage on mob w/high Mdef.

So this is the reason why it is recommended to buy a pecoEgg card to keep because you can’t farm EP4 Juno maps without high ignore Mdef gear, so toy factory is your farming spot.   

The toy factory/sting are all formless with low Mdef, which is easier to farm. You have to stick at GH culvert until Lv99 Job 70.  

After EP4 Launch, you will change Job to Warlock and farm quickly at Toy Factory.

Equipment Build

You should have the gear right now, the upgrade of both weapons and Robe to T4.

After that, mate, your Robe slotted. You will need to slot it with an Agav card, which will give you 8% Matk. Next is to make your Wizardry Staff Slotted; slotting it with another Racecard will increase dmg a lot. Of course, you can skip those upgrades and focus on reducing CT sets. 

But you can solve it by Slave friends Priest Suff; save your money and build other damaging gear instead.

Later EP4, you will get Iv110 Max level and 119-star cap. You will have enough points to instant MS without a CT head.

MS Instant Cast Formula:

Every 30 dex reduces 1 sec CT (Cast time).

If you had Orlean’s Server+Glove -20% CT 

Robe of Cast -10% CT

Staunch Shoe+Cape -10% CT

Angry Snarl -10% CT

Isis Pet -5% CT

Priest’s Suffragium Iv3-30% CT

Total of 85% CT Reduction:

15 sec x 0.85 = 12.75 sec reduced

15 sec – 12.75 = 2.25

Around 90 Dex to instant Cast 

The recommended CT set is with Priest’s Stuff and MS instant cast formula.

So you can skip the Head Reduce CT set if you have a slave Priest and move on to the Equipment guide.  

Next, either get a cheap eleven ear for temporary. Or the monocle as the end-game face gear. 

Next, you need to get a Coif for the damage boost. If you already had magic eyes or a sunny hat, skin ATM.

Angry snarl is the only mouth gear for wizards, it helps reduce cast time too.

And a devil wing you need to do 4 weeks continuously GH quest to get this. 

Lastly, you will need a +10 wizardry staff. +10 bonus gives you – 10% CT and 20% ignore Mdef< great boost. 

You also can try to enchant yourself or snap at an NPC for high magic/arcana gear as end game gear. After that, once EP4 is released, invest more points in dex, so you can focus on ignoring Mdef Gear. 

Lastly, upgrade the eyes of dullahan to +10, and change shoes to crystal pump as well later. Total 60% ignore Mdef. 

Final equipment 

(for reference only, this is EP5 late game gear) 

Skill Build 

Mega class 1- 40 

10 FireBolt 

10 Sp recovery 

10 cold bolt

10 frost driver

Wizard class 1- 40 

1 heaven drive 

5 magic crasher 

10 soul drain 

1 storm gust

5 energy coat 

5 jupitel thunder 

10 LOV 

1 sight 

3 Storm Gust

High wizard class 1-40 

10 Amp. Magic power 

6 Napalm Vulcan

10 Stone Curse

(wipe after max MS)

10 safety wall

7 storm Gust

High wizard class 41-70 break 

20 storm gust

10 energy coat

(if you didn’t add stone cruse) 

15 frost nova 

After Max Ms= remove napalm vulcan, stone cruse, jobthunder, lov

Add to max energy coat, storm Gust, cold bolt, frost nova and 10 marsh ponds. 

Why max frost nova?

Frost nova can save you from the annoying mob and instant crowd control while too many mobs.

Why max cold bolt/stormGust? 

Because the wizard’s meteor storm didn’t work well with the fire-base mob. So a burst water spell is needed. 

Why not alight? 

Because the damage is so low. Don’t waste 10 skill point for it. 

Why not max amp.magic power? 

This lv.20 are useless in normal grinding. But you can save 10 points with Ymir book n load while ET/MVP.


After you maxed MS and FP, you should focus on MATK rune. 

Lv 7 meteor storm with MAX FirePillar 

Req: 160 gold, 66900 Contrib. 

Invisible space for MS extends cast range. Fire Dmg for MS damage boost. 

Element concentration for element bolt dmg boost. And ice breaking you turn frost drivers into long range AOE freeze spells. 

Final goal enchantment:

Magic 1-4/35+ Matk

Arcana 1-4/35+ Matk

Arcana 1-4/35+ Matk

35+ Matk/Tenacity 3-4

35+ Matk/Tenacity 3-4

Magic 1-4/35+ Matk

55+ Matk

Insight 1-4/55+ Matk

55+ Matk

Insight 1-4/55+ Matk

Arcana 1-4/55+ Matk


3rd class warlock added finisher skill to help last hit the MVP. 

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