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Factorio is a combination of Factory simulation, and real-time strategy with a single-player, and multiplayer mode. It is developed by Wube Software and directed by Michal Kovařík. It is available on Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux. It is a game that simulates resource gathering and construction with some survival elements and real-time strategy. The game takes some influences from BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft for the game Minecraft. This game allows the players to create reusable blueprints for factory parts by featuring a blueprint system.

Where is the save game folder in Factorio? 


The Factorio save file is inside your user directory. To access it, you have to right-click the icon in your quick bar and select File Explorer -> This PC. Then select roaming and navigate to Factorio.  


There’s another location to find the Factorio save file. You have to go to Steam, then navigate to steamapps and go to Factorio. You will find the save file there. 

How Do I Install the Save File?

You have to download the save game file and extract it using WinZip. After that, copy the save file to a save games location and make sure to have a backup of your save.  

Important: Always back up the save file before replacing it with the new one.

Download Save File:

The game is 100% completed in this save file. You just have to send the rockets to end the game. 

Download Link: 

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