Facts About 8 Villagers Missed In Minecraft

This guide will explain why eight villagers are being missed in Minecraft. Go through this guide, and you will find the reasons. 

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    Where did the villager design come from? And do they have any secrets hidden deep in the game?

    Butcher Design

    The villager is well known for its ability to trade with the player, and at one point, they were considering adding quests to them.

    But where did Mojang get the idea for it from, Well as it turns out, it was inspired by a different game, Dungeon Master II. This game was released in 1995 and featured a shopkeeper that inspired the villagers. The game itself didn’t go down too well, but at least one part of it will live on in Minecraft.

    Pigmen Design

    In 2011, Notch said he wanted some villagers in the game. When someone suggested “Pigmen” to him, he thought about putting them in villages; he even made a texture for them but eventually replaced them with what we have now. The pigman was used as other mobs over time and is now known as the piglin, just a few “Small” adjustments.

    Villager Sounds Resource Pack


    Mojang is well known for its April fools pranks, from locked chests and pay-to-win items to the more recent infinity snapshots, but 2014’s prank was one of the favorites. On April 1, they announced the villagers had “Taken Over,” and all player skins turned to villager skins. But that wasn’t the only thing the villagers changed; the sounds to villager variants also changed. The sounds came from a resource pack popular back then. It was made by element animations and titled “T,E,A,V,S,R,P” (The Element Animation Villager Sound Resource Pack), and the day after April fools, element released it.

    • Walking sounds
    • Block sounds
    • Villager sounds
    • Eating sounds

    The sounds can get rather annoying after a while, but they’re fun to use for short periods.

    Name Tag

    Way back in 2011, villagers were treated almost like players. If you saw one, they’d have a name tag above their head, but it’d always say “TESTIFICATE” instead of a name. The word itself is meaningless in this context. Over time, the word’s definition changed in people’s minds, and now more people think of villagers than the real definition.


    Villagers have different skins depending on their biome:

    • Ranging from cozy white coats in the snowy tundras. 
    • To the red robes in the Savannah.
    • There are also textures for jungle villagers and swamp villagers.

    Even though villages can’t spawn in these biomes, they’re only used if a zombie villager is cured here or somehow spawn here naturally by the player creating a village.

    They even showed the jungle textures at Minecon 2018. These new skins for villagers are very stylish and with very good reason, and they were based on outfits from 2018 fashion shows.

    Here’s an example from Gucci’s summer show. Can you see the resemblance?

    Programmer Art

    If you go into your resource packs and use programmer art, all villagers will have a green hat because the nitwit texture in this second resource pack has the same name as the base texture in the normal pack. This technically isn’t a glitch, as it doesn’t affect the game much, but it shows how easy it is to mess something up when coding. 

    Villagers Addition

    When villagers were first added, they had the same AI as pigs. They just wandered around; they had no aims and had nothing to do; they just populated the villages. A few years later, Jeb talked about them in an interview; he said that in 2011, they didn’t know what to do with them. They wanted to add trading, but they also considered quests and maybe expanding the village over time. But sadly, none of that ever came to be.


    However, they recently introduced raids to the game; they added another level of depth to villages and another activity to grab some loot.

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