Fallout 4: All Behemoth and Mire lurk Queen Locations

Behemoths are scary, gigantic creatures armed with club that can inflict some serious damage on the players. You must kill 5 of them in order to unlock “Harder They fall achievement”. Also, you can kill 4 Behemoths and 1 Mire Lurk Queen in replacement. It is strongly advisable that you maintain a safe distance while fighting as the club can wreak severe havoc and is hard to dodge. Let me tell you that catching their sight and killing them won’t be that easy. After reading this guide, you will be able to locate the behemoths and strategize yourself accordingly, to defeat them!

Defeating Behemoth and Mire Lurk would be a hard nut to crack

Behemoths have this tendency to fling their club forcefully and throw stones at you. There are some precautionary measures that you must adapt while confronting these enormous enemies.

It is completely necessary for you to equip yourself with “power armor”. Once you do that, you will be in a stronger position to fight them and remove their traces. It will be a tough battle that will test your skills and capabilities. Taking WMD‘s like fat man and rocket launcher along with you will just take a couple of shots to wipe them out!

South of Walden Pond (sunshine-tidings co-op) Behemoth

You have to head in the West direction to find the sunshine tidings co-op. From here, you will have to run for a while to reach the sanctuary. Seeing wrecked cars on reaching there is in an indication that you have found your destination. So “find them and kill them” is the strategy you need to be working on!

South of green top nursery (Malden Centre): ancient Behemoth

You have to head towards Malten Centre that is located in the North-East of the waste land. Next step is to find a destroyed car. Once you get there you will find a moon monkey and getting him will bring the behemoth in front of you.

Gunners Plaza: ancient Behemoth

The Gunners plaza is situated in the South of the commonwealth. Go there and hide under the trees. Here you will find another behemoth all set to kill you!

Boston Common Swans Pond: Behemoth ( Swan)

Swans pond, Boston common is the location where you will encounter the next behemoth. You can either kill him from a distance or get closer to fight. You will get a unique Melee weapon power list on defeating this Behemoth.

Boston Mayoral shelter: Behemoth

Head towards West of the commonwealth where you will find the mayoral shelter. Keep running towards south until your way is hampered by a metal fence. This fence is surrounded by power cables. You will find this behemoth in the confines of this metallic structure.

Mirelurk Queen

These rash species are enormous and they have their own ways of attacking the enemy. They may blow you with their pincers, make some exotic creatures to chase you and they may even spit at you. These monsters can be on your nerves! They are very agile creatures with deceptive moves that can easily put you in trouble. You will have to be on your toes to beat them!

Poseidon energy lab

One of them can be found behind the Poseidon energy labs. You will be attacked by a couple of mirelurk hunters on approaching the sunken ship. Once you eradicate them, the queen will show up.

Murk water construction site

The second one can be found here behind the workbench at Murk water construction site. You have to kill her down straightaway.

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