Fallout 4: Guide to Enter Morton Residence

“This guide is there to tell the players about how to enter the Morton residence in Nuka-world. So all those who are desperate to know, here we have it for you!

So after making massive efforts you have finally paved your way to the Morton residence and you have found it no different than other homes and you are quite certain that you will make your way through it and you can loot the Nuka-home! Well, if you think so, you are absolutely wrong! Some technical players may find it as a piece of cake while it may be difficult for others. The sole objective of this guide is to help you enter the Morton Residence!

Before proceeding any further we want to tell you that it is located in the North-East section of the Nuka world.

There are two possible ways of entering the Morton Residence:

First Method

On arriving at Morton residence you have to keep moving towards the right of it. Here you will come by a broken window with a metal piece of X-01 power armor which may vary depending upon your skills and level of the game. On reaching the power armor station option you need to press E in order to craft which will cause the power armor station to open.

Second Method

It happens sometime that things don’t go as you have planned them. So if you can’t achieve your target by method one you can adopt method to in order to enter the residence.

Upon entering the front door, you will be required to turn around and fall into an orange pond. If you turn back and look from this point your eyes will catch an open tunnel. Get going through the tunnel now that’s when you have made your way to the Morton residence! I can see that you are excited!

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