Fantasy Elves Adventure Gift Codes

Fantasy Elves Adventure is a strategic battle game. The players will need to pick up the characters and train them to battle against the opponents. The game is set in the pokemon world, and you have to make different strategies to beat the opponent creatures in battles. Train your creatures to become the strongest of the lot so that you can win a maximum number of battles. 

Fantasy Elves Adventure Gift CodeRewards
summon7777Use it to get 200 Diamond & 10 Summon Tickets.
AM66YGBJ7PUse it to get x1777 Diamonds, Stamina Milk, Summon scroll.
am66ygbj7pUse it to get 777 Diamond & 10 Summon Tickets.

How to redeem code in Fantasy Elves Adventure?

Follow the steps below to redeem the codes in Fantasy Elves Adventure:

  • Open the game and go to Player Info.
  • You have to tap on Settings and go to the Gift Code section.
  • Enter the code into the Gift Code section.
  • Press the “Okay” button to get instant rewards.

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