Far Cry 5 Cheat Codes

Far Cry 5 is an adventure first-person shooting game that was released in 2018 and it is the fifth game in the Far Cry series. The players can use the vehicles in order to explore the fictional world. The game is set in a forest with deadly animals and some other players. You can make use of a wide range of weapons to counter the opponents. Interact with some of the characters to make them your friends and they will help you out in the game. You will need to complete some objectives given in different chapters of the story. In multiplayer mode, you can form a team by adding some of your friends. Far Cry 5 is designed with ultimate graphics and it is available to play on Windows PC, Xbox, and Playstation. 

How To Activate Far Cry 5 Cheats?

To activate these cheats you need to open the game in Developer Mode, which in turn unlocks all levels. Here’s how to do this:

  • Right-click on the game’s shortcut icon.
  • Click on Properties to edit and enter -DEVMODE command line as a parameter before the “ ending.
  • Click on OK.

Use one of the below keys in the game to activate the corresponding cheats.

=Redeem this code and get increased speed.
This code will give you decreased speed.
BackspaceRedeem this code and start the God mode.
F1This code will change the first-person view to third-person.
F2You can redeem this code to skip to the next checkpoint
F3This code will move the spawn point.
F4This code is used to enable or disable clipping.
F5This code will make you go back to the default speed.
F9Redeem this code and save the game in the current location.
F10This code will load the game with the current position.
F11Redeem this code and get extra information on the screen.
OThis code will give you +999 ammo.
PRedeem this code to unlock and get all the weapons.

Far Cry 5 Console Commands PC

Make sure to try out these cheats & codes once you have finished the game, cause this will inversely affect your game’s balancing. With that said, here are Far Cry 5 console commands for PC:

To open the console window, press ~. Then, to activate the relevant cheat function, enter one of the following codes.

\load_gameThis console command is used to quickly load the game.
\map archiveArchive Level (load)
\map boatBoat Level (load)
\map bunkerBunker Level (load)
\map carrierCarrier Level (load)
\map catacombsCatacombs Level (load)
\map controlControl Level (load)
\map coolerCooler Level (load)
\map damDam Level (load)
\map factoryFactory Level (load)
\map fortFort Level (load)
\map pierPier Level (load)
\map rebellionRebellion Level (load)
\map regulatorRegulator Level (load)
\map researchResearch Level (load)
\map riverRiver Level (load)
\map steamSteam Level (load)
\map swampSwap Level (load)
\map trainingTraining Level (load)
\map treehouseTreehouse Level (load)
\map volcanoVolcano Level (load)
give_all_weapons=1This console command will provide you with all the weapons.
god_mode_count=1You can use this command to enable the God Mode.

How to use cheat codes in Far Cry 5 ?

You can use the cheats codes in Far Cry 5 by following the method below:

  1. First, you will need to right click on the game’s icon. 
  2. Then click on properties to edit and enter the “-DEVMODE” command. 
  3. Tap on OK and use the cheats to get your desired reward.
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