Farming Guide – Roblox Booga Booga

This guide will provide you with all the details to farm in Roblox Booga Booga. Go through the guide and follow all the steps to farm in Booga Booga. 

1) What you need to farm 

The first step is that you need a VIP server so no one will steal your fruits! Ask a friend to get you one or just buy it, if you don’t have one check out roblox+, it finds a low server for free. Anyways once you find a low server, you want to go to blood island or ice. You can pick an island if you want. You can use Blood island as it is one of the best islands.  

2) How Much Materials do you need 

If you want to farm a lot of crystals and Gold, you have to do the Gold glitch after you get a lot of gold, you want to go to the crystal Island farm there until you have about 200 crystals and about 500 gold which is a good set up in case you died in PVP, so you can recraft your god armour. 

But if you’re going to go beast mode, get 500 crystals and 1000 gold, so you won’t really have to farm again.

3) Where To Farm

So if you are farming in Blood island, cover the whole island and you will get about 3k blood, half-island can give you 2k blood. Now if you’re farming in an ice farm kinda like half of the island, you can farm the whole island if you want but it will take a while to plant your fruits!

4) Fruits you should farm

It is recommended to plant Blood Fruit since it’s the best fruit in the game. You can also farm berries, bananas, jelly, and blue fruit berries grow fast but they run out quicker. 

But why should you farm bananas and jelly? First of all if you like void armour and PVP with it, farm jelly. Jelly and banana both give logs, so you can make huts and walls so your victim doesn’t run.

5) Things that will help you

You will need a void bag and voodoo spell for PVP because if you aren’t, you’re kinda doomed. Void spells help you battle the void spells. You should use are Shield or Volt, Shield makes a bubble around you and you won’t take damage. But you should use Shield if you’re low on health. 

6) How to get loggers 

If you don’t have logs in battle, you can use bows and crossbows. There is the best way to not make your victim log. Since there is combat. Let’s say if you run out of blood and you are running away in the fight. So the person is shooting you with arrows or bolts. If you have a hat, equip it because hats can sometimes block arrows, so you will have a higher chance of logging. 

7) How To Noob Troll Correctly  

If any gods are doing noob trolling, you can wear hide armour. It is the best to noob troll with because you won’t fully get vaulted from people. If you wear leaf armour or no armour, you will mostly have a higher chance of dying that’s why voodoo you mostly have to pick the shield if you noob troll.

8) MOJO Items You Should Get

If you’re a god with an emerald blade, you will mostly have a chance of dying from a god player with a god rock. The emerald blade is not that powerful, so you can die easily from a god rock person. That’s why you should get God rock first as your mojo point than water walker, god armour, god bag, if you want to get out of huts easily get gold axe.

9) How To Get Out Of Huts Easily

To get out of huts easily, you have to leave spam leaves inside the hut. And when it’s full, it will get you out but you will freeze for almost 9 seconds. 

The following image shows when you have set out all the plant boxes and plants in them.

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