Fastest Way to Find Masters in Dragon Ball Xenoverse

In this brief guide, you will get to know the Fastest Way to Find Masters / Mentors In Dragon Ball Xenoverse.

In Toki Toki City, there are always two masters at any given time.

  1. Your master who stands in front of the statue of “The champ”.
  2. A free master standing somewhere in Toki Toki city can take you on as a student. 

Number 1 only applies if you have a master. Even if you don’t there is always one free master, assuming you have met the following conditions. 

Hercule – Beat the Cell Saga – No Level Requirement

Krillin    – Beat the Saiyan Saga – No Level Requirement

Piccolo – Beat the Saiyan Saga – Level 5 Required

Vegeta  – Beat the Saiyan Saga – Level 8 Required

Ginyu   – Beat the Frieza Saga – Level 15 Required

Frieza   – Complete Ginyu’s training – Level 20 Required

Cell      – Beat the Cell Saga – Level 30 Required

Android 18 – Beat the Android Saga – Level 34 Required

Gohan & Videl – Beat the Buu Saga – Level 40 Required

Gotenks – Beat the Buu Saga – Level 40 Required

Goku      – Beat the Demigra Saga – Level 70 Required

Beerus   – Complete Goku’s Training – Level 70 Required

Once you see a master, go up and talk to them. They will test your strength in battle and if you lower their health to a certain point, you will become their student. There are 12 masters in the game and their conditions for appearance.

Once you have met the conditions to see a master, they will appear randomly in the Toki Toki City. Many times you will see a master you don’t want to train . The fastest way to find the master you are looking for is to quit the game (“‘End Game”) and then go back into it (“Game Start”) and see which master shows up.

It took me 3 minutes of real-world time to find Goku. Just run all across Toki Toki city to find the free master.

They can be standing anywhere. Here are some examples of them.

Gohan (adult) 



The same master can appear in different locations. Sometimes you will get the same master showing up even after you quit the game and re-enter. It is a dragon ball xenoverse randomness system at work. Just keep quitting and re-entering.

The easiest way for the master you want to train with to show up is to play the game normally and for fun. The masters and their location can also change after playing a story mission, parallel quest, or online and offline battle. Eventually, the one you want to train with will appear.

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