Fastest Way To Get Money In ERLC!

This guide will provide you the fastest methods to get the money in Emergency Response Liberty County. Go through the guide and follow four different methods to get lots of cash.

  • You can get 1000 dollars after every ten minutes just by playing the game.
  • Rob the ATM machines and get $2000 to $5000. Ride into your car and then park it just outside any ATM machine and click on the RIFD disruptor. Select the codes to rob the ATM.

  • Robbing the jewelry store can also give you about 1000 cash. Take your car to a jewelry shop and park the car on the backside of the shop. Enter into the shop and open the jewelry racks with a drill machine to rob.

  • If you rob the houses in Emergency Response Liberty County, you will get 4000 dollars. Join a server with the least amount of players, spawn a car and make your way to the tool store. Buy everything they have in the store.

  • Ride back into the car and head to the house in front of the tool store. Bring out the lock pick and open the lock of the door.

  • Roam around the house and take all the money.



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