Fastest Way to Kill Jinshiki Boss in Shindo Life

This guide will tell you the fastest way to kill Jinshiki Boss in Shindo Life. You have to follow the simple steps in this guide to kill him. 

The fastest way to kill the boss is by using reality talk and Xenodokai c-spec. You can also throw shadow c-spec, which will give some extra damage to the boss. You will need to use a companion to bait a boss while using reality talk. You have to go on the mountain and change the reality talk, and if someone comes in with the reality talk, they will kill them. 

If you have four more players who can use the reality talk, it will reduce fifty percent of the HP instantly, and if you combine it with Zero Dokai c-spec, then it will melt the boss and kill it in two to three minutes. If your teammates use the reality talk ability from far away, it will help you a lot with the aiming, and it is the best farming method in the game. 

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