Fastest Way to Level Up – Roblox Bedwars

Roblox BedWars is an exciting strategy team game where players compete against one another, looking to break opponents’ beds to prevent them from respawning. Leveling up is the primary mission for each player, as it unlocks better kits, tools, and weapons. Gaining XP is the fastest way to level up quickly, and this guide will look at different game modes that give out the most XP.

First up, players need to complete the daily and weekly missions. Accomplishing these missions will reward you with Battle Pass XP. Players should buy the paid Battle Pass as it gives out 20% additional XP per mission completed.


Players looking to increase their XP should play the Duels game mode. This game mode features two teams of two players each (2v2). The goal is to destroy the opponent’s bed before they can destroy yours. This game mode guarantees a 300 XP reward each game, including the 20% XP from the paid Battle Pass.


The 30v30 game mode pits two teams, consisting of thirty players each, against each other. The objective is to completely eliminate the opposing team. This particular game mode is the most lucrative, rewarding players with 1000 XP if they survive for 10-15 minutes including the 20% bonus. Players without a Battle Pass will receive 900 XP. This mode gives out the highest XP.


In a classic game mode, Solo pits 8 players against each other. This game mode pays 1200 XP, which is significantly more than Duels and 30v30. Without the Game pass, the number falls down to 900 XP.


A custom match game mode, Doubles is an exciting way to compete for XP. In this mode, there are eight teams with two players in each team. Playing for 10-15 minutes will award you with 1200 XP and for players, without a Battle Pass, the compensation is just 900 XP.


In the last game mode and also a custom match mode, Squads consist of four teams with four players each. By spending 5-10 minutes in this mode, players will receive around 600-700 XP, and players without a Game Pass will get only 500-600 XP.

That’s all from this quick guide. Remember to get the paid Battle Pass as it adds an additional 20% XP bonus on all your winnings and missions. Thanks for reading this through.

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