For this event, there are different rewards for completing each level of difficulty. Keep in mind that unlike previous events, the number of bosses you will have to fight will increase as well. This makes it all the more challenging.

Well, free Lapis are always welcome, but the Lilith Rod is worth its weight in gold! It blocks Drain which is the kryptonite of Magic units so this reward needs to be on the top of your list. Also, Trust Moogles are always worth grabbing if you are going after Trust Master rewards.

FFBE is giving out some nice rewards and giving those 6-Star units a chance to shine. You are going to need them to clear ELT. Now, let’s look at the Boss Fights.

FFBE Giant of Babel Boss Fights Guide

Units with Focus, Cheer, Raise, Barfira, Barthundara, and Thundaga will be needed. Also, the following items are critical: Phoenix Down, Tents, Turbo-Elixir or Elixir, Mega-Ether, Golden Needles, and Echo Herbs.

Right off the bat, we get this creepy little goon that fits in well with the Halloween theme until it transforms and makes us want to scream because its resistance to dark attacks goes up.


Type : Undead
HP : 310,000 MP : 700
Resistances : +100% Ice and Earth
Weakness: -50% Fire and Holy
Immune to all Status

A nifty way to kill him is to cast Raise or use a Phoenix Down on him. It’s really that simple.


Now, the harder bosses are on their way and they are the stuff nightmares are made of. First up is Rubicante, this guy must be debuffed when he has his cloak around him.

Type : Human
HP : 340,000 MP : 700
Resistance :+100% Fire
Weakness: -50% Ice and Water
Immune to all Stats

Dispel any buffs that he casts. If you don’t have enough ATK power to kill him with 35% HP, then this battle will get a little long. Keep healing your units and use LBs as much as possible.

The main point is to nuke him to right above 35% HP- that’s his threshold. To do this, you want to make sure everyone’s HP is up and then hit him with everything you’ve got to take him out and avoid his 2nd threshold.


Type: Aquatic
HP : 320,000 MP : 700
Resistance :+100% Fire
Weakness: HP > 50% Ice and Water -50%
HP < 50% immune to all elements but Lighting
Immune to all Status

Managing your MP is the key to beating this dungeon. So just keep whacking away at him until he is at 50% HP. After that, blast him away with strong Lighting AoE or call on Ramuh to give you a hand. Otherwise, this mutated turtle will be a handful. His self-buff gives him +300 DEF and SPR plus immunity to everything but lighting.


Type : Spirit
HP : 330,000 MP : 700
Resistance: +100% Wind
Weakness: -50% Holy
Immune to all Stats

So lovely, and yet so deadly. Barbariccia is a handful to deal with. You must have Baraerora and Barthundara throughout the whole fight. The key here is nuking her and keeping your units protected at all times.

Protecga and Shellga are going to be your battle buddies for this one. Be sure to equip your Healers with a Jeweled Ring. Lastly, gold needles will help you out a lot in this fight. MP is going to be very important to manage. You will need tents for this Exploration.


Now, the final boss Golbez awaits you! Use a tent before you go into this fight or you won’t stand a chance.

Type : Human
HP : 400,000 MP : 900
Resistance : N/A
Immune to all Status

This is going to be a nasty fight. Goblez will use Paralyze on his 1st attack, so your Healer needs to be wearing a Jeweled Ring to counter this. He will use this attack every 4 turns.
His normal attack pattern will use Fira & Thundaga plus Bio, Drain, or a standard ATK.

HP 50% – AoE Death
HP 30% – AoE Paralyze
Keep his HP right about at 30% and then throw everything you can at him at once to take him down!

Ideal team:
2 Physical Attackers
Lightning – If you don’t have her, find a friend on RockU Talk with her. The link will be at the end of this article.
COD – Equip Diablos with her and give those bosses the fight of their lives.
Fencer – She works well in the lower levels. Save Lightning for the higher ones if you are borrowing her.
2 Healers
Roseila– Will be able to fix anything and keep you alive with her LB.
Garnet– Raise and equip her with all the bar- buffs.
1 Support
Cerius – All the bar- buffs, again they are important for this event.
1 Tank
Cecil– Get him to 6-Stars before taking on the final stage. Focus, Dispel, Saint Wall, and Curaja. He’s the leading man of this team.

In Summary

The best part about this event is that you don’t have to craft a single reward. That means no harvesting or farming needed. The downside is that Pro and ELT will require 5 and 6-Star units. But if you have some, then you will be able to conquer the Giant of Babel.

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