We at RockU Mediacraft are not lying when we tell you this – if you are playing Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, try to summon for Chizuru, who has increased drop rates on December 16, 2016. With her signature move, “Pipe Dream”, you get around 140% AOE Attack, the highest so far in the game.

But that’s not all, let’s check her out more in this FFBE Chizuru Guide!

FFBE Chizuru

4★ Chizuru

HP: 1951
MP: 79
ATK: 92
DEF: 76
MAG: 64
SPR: 63

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

5 Chizuru

HP: 2536
MP: 103
ATK: 120
DEF: 99
MAG: 83
SPR: 82

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

6 Chizuru

HP: 3296
MP: 133
ATK: 154
DEF: 128
MAG: 107
SPR: 106

Weaknesses: None
Resistances: None

Rarity Level Name Effect MP
4* 1 Blade Bash Physical damage (0.8x) and paralyze (30%) to one enemy 5
4* 6 ATK +20% ATK +20%
4* 12 Fingersnap Physical damage (1.1x) and dispel to one enemy 6
4* 26 Finisher 50% accurate physical damage (1x)
with critical (100%) to one enemy
4* 31 Light Shell Physical damage (1.4x) with ignore DEF (25%) to one enemy 7
4* 57 Counter Counter physical attacks (30%)
5* 40 Nonpareil Increase ATK (20%) for 3 turns to caster 6
5* 64 No Fear Increase DEF/SPR (20%) for 3 turns to caster 15
5* 70 High Tide Increase LB gauge fill rate (100%)
5* 80 Barrage Four physical damage (3.2x) to random enemies 16
6* 1 Molt Chance to negate physical damage taken (20%)
6* 28 Glint Physical damage (2x) with ignore DEF (25%) to one enemy 19
6* 52 Hayate Negate 3 damage taken for 2 turns to caster 16
6* 72 Dismissal Physical damage (2.1x) and stop (30%) for 3 turns to one enemy 20
6* 90 Blade and Body Increase ATK/DEF/MAG/SPR (25%) when equipped with a katana
6* 100 Phantom Shadow Physical damage (1.4x) with ignore DEF (50%) to all enemies 35


4 Chizuru: Skysplitter
Base: Physical damage (2.6x) to one enemy
Max: Physical damage (3.3x) to one enemy
5 Chizuru: Phantom Blade
Base: Physical damage (2.8x) to one enemy
Max: Physical damage (3.75x) to one enemy
6 Chizuru: Phantom Blade
Base: Physical damage (3.1x) to one enemy
Max: Physical damage (4.3x) to one enemy


5 Chizuru
Crimson Tear – x25
Earth’s Core – x13
Sacred Crystal – x15
Talmonite of Life – x8
Holy Crystal – x8
6 Chizuru
Calamity Gem – x20
Calamity Writ – x10
Prismatic Horn – x10
Rainbow Bloom – x5
Divine Crystal – x5

FFBE Chizuru 6-Star Analysis

Much of the discussion about Chizuru is centered on her “Pipe Dream” (the one that says Phantom Shadow in the table above). But before that, let’s talk about her other stats and abilities.

Chizuru’s main skills include her ability to evade (Gale), next is “Fingersnap” with its buff removal and attack, and finally, her chance to chain her attacks with Pipe Dream (Phantom Shadow).

Frankly, she can be you main DPS if you don’t have strong 5-star units.

Another important ability is “Dismissal” – the chance to “stop an enemy by 30%. What if you “stopped” the healer on PvPs? This will surely be beneficial for you.

We can now talk about Katana, Chizuru’s signature weapon. “Blade and Body” allows Chizuru to have a 25% increase across her Atk, Def, Spr, and Mag. Imagine getting Sakurafubuki Katana (TM Reward from Miyuki and with Dual Wield, Chizuru will be your strongest bet against the strongest enemies.

Should you summon for Chizuru?

We think you should summon for Chizuru. Actually, we think you already have her in the past, it will be lucky of you if you haven’t fuse her with Rain, etc. As the strongest attacker in Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius, having Chizuru will be very beneficial. It fact, she is an awesome replacement for Lightning, assuming you summon for her and didn’t get even one.

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