Fire Emblem Heroes | Mist Guide, Analysis, & Inherit Skills

Mist is from the world of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance. She is one of the featured heroes in New Heroes: World of Radiance Summoning Event that runs from April 26 16:00 JST to May 15 15:59 JST.

Mist is the younger sister of Ike. She joined the Greil Mercenaries in fear of being separated from her brother. Her healing magic is taught to her by Rhys.

She is a Colorless Orb unit with a 5 rarity. Her movement speed is that of an Infantry.

Mist | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 5★
    • Color Type: Colorless
    • Weapon Type: Staff
    • Mode of Travel: Infantry

    *Base Statistics (5
    • Base HP: 16 ~ 18
    • ATK: 7 ~ 9
    • SPD: 4 ~ 6
    • DEF: 5 ~ 7
    • RES: 7 ~ 9

    *Max Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 38 ~ 40
    • ATK: 26 ~ 28
    • SPD: 27 ~ 29
    • DEF: 19 ~ 21
    • RES: 33 ~ 35

    You can get Mist in a Colorless Orb Summon. As an Infantry Staff user, we can compare her to Lissa, one of the top ranking Healer. Their HP is the same at 39. The only stat Lissa has an advantage over Mist is her DEF at 28 vs Mist’s 20. Mist has a better ATK (27 vs 26), SPD (28 vs 25), and RES (34 vs 30).

    Since Mist’s DEF stat is just 20, make sure that she keeps her distance away from the battle zone.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Assault (10)
• Slow (5)

Assault’s Might Points is 10 but it doesn’t have any ability points. However, slow has a low Might Points at 5 but it can inflict SPD-6 on foe through its next action.

Assist Skills:

• Heal
• Mend
• Recover

Heal can restore 5 HP. Mend can restore 10 HP. Recover can restore 15 HP and it can also slow the Special Skill (cooldown count +1).

Special Skills:

• Imbue
• Miracle

Imbue – if Mist Heal another Staff user, the recovered HP is increased by 10. Mist can survive any lethal attack with a remaining 1 HP because of the Miracle Special Skill.

Passives Skills:

• Spur RES 1

This Passive Skill can grant nearby allies RES +2 during combat.

• Spur DEF RES (1, 2)

This Passive Skill can grant nearby allies DEF/RES (+2, +3) during combat.

  • Rehabilitate
    Skill: Assist Skill
    Hero: Lissa, Priscilla, Wrys
    Restriction: Only staff users can learn.
    This Passive Skill can restore 7HP or more the farther below 50% the target’s HP is. It can also slow down the Special Skilll (cooldown count +1).

    • HP+5
    Skill: Type-A Passive SkillHero: Abel, Arthur, Donnel, Lucius, Merric, Raigh, Seliph, Setsuna
    Restriction: None
    This Passive Skill grants +5 to max HP.

    • Wings of Mercy 3
    Skill: Type-B Passive SkillHero: Cain, Faye, Frederick, Palla
    Restriction: None
    This Passive Skill enables the unit to warp adjacent to any ally with HP less than or equal to 50%.

    • Renewal 3
    Skill: Type-B Passive SkillHero: Fae, Jakob, Lissa
    Restriction: None
    This Passive Skill restores 10 HP at the start of every second turn.

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Mist | Final Evaluation:

Mist is a great support unit to have. Aside from being a Healer with her Recover Assist Skill, she is also a good debuff unit. She may not have the strongest Weapon, but she can cast SPD-6 to her foes. Her Passive Skills can also help buff her allies’ DEF and RES.

You can help but notice Mist’s low DEF even at 5★ max. That is why we recommend having her inherit HP+5 and Renewal. The Wings of Mercy 3 can also help in recovering her allies. Just make sure she’s far away from the battle field as possible. You can pair her with units with Draw Back Assist Skills to put her in the back.

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