Fire Emblem Heroes | Nowi Guide, Analysis, and Inherit Skills

Nowi is from the world of Fire Emblem Awakening. She is one of the featured heroes in Summoning Focus: Grand Hero Zephiel Banner that runs from April 20 to April 24.

Nowi is a Manakete of an unknown origin and tribe. She is around 1,000 years old. She appears and acts like a little girl but her thoughts and reasoning can betray her real age.

She is a Blue Orb unit with a 4 – 5 rarity. Her movement speed is Infantry.

Nowi | Fire Emblem Heroes Guide

  • Rarity: 4★ – 5★
    • Color Type: Blue
    • Weapon Type: Blue Breath
    • Mode of Travel: Infantry
    Base Statistics (4
    • Base HP: 15 ~ 17
    • ATK: 12 ~ 14
    • SPD: 3 ~ 5
    • DEF: 5 ~ 7
    • RES: 3 ~ 5

    Base Statistics (5
    • Base HP: 16 ~ 18
    • ATK: 16 ~ 18
    • SPD: 4 ~ 6
    • DEF: 5 ~ 7
    • RES: 4 ~ 6Max Statistics (5):
    • Base HP: 44 ~ 46
    • ATK: 33 ~ 35
    • SPD: 26 ~ 28
    • DEF: 29 ~ 31
    • RES: 26 ~ 28

    You can get Nowi in a Blue Orb Summon. As a Blue Breath user we can compare her to Ninian. They both have the same RES at 27 Points. Ninian only has SPD (33 vs 27) as her advantage. Nowi has a higher HP (45 vs 42), ATK (34 vs 24), and DEF (30 vs 23). But bear in mind, Ninian is a dancer so she is useful in your party too.


Notable Weapons (might):

• Fire Breath (6)
• Fire Breath+ (8)
• Lightning Breath (7)
• Lightning Breath+ (11)

Lightning Breath is the same weapon as Tiki – Adult. It is also the first Breath Weapon introduced in Fire Emblem. It can enable counterattack regardless of the attacker’s distance. The con of using this weapon is it slows down the special skill (cooldown +1).

Assist Skills:

• Rally Defense

Rally Defense is the same Assist Skill of Oboro. It can grant DEF+4 to an adjacent ally until the end of turn.

Passives Skills:

• Defense (1/2/3)

This Passive Skill can grant DEF (+1/+2/+3)

• Threaten RES (1/2/3)

This Passive skill can inflict RES (-3/-4/-5) on foes within 2 tiles through their next actions at the start of each turn.

  • Bonfire
    Skill: Special Skill
    Hero: Robin – Male, Tiki – Adult
    Restriction: Staff Users Can’t Inherit.
    This Special Skill can boost the unit’s damage dealt by 50% of unit’s DEF.• Vantage 3
    Skill: Type-B Passive Skill
    Hero: Anna, Gordin, Lon’qu, Reinhardt
    Restriction: None
    This Passive Skill can make the unit counterattack first when attacked with an HP less than or equal to 75%.

    • Renewal 3
    Skill: Type-B Passive Skill
    Hero: Fae, Jakob, Lissa
    Restriction: None
    This Passive Skill can grant 10 HP recovery at the start of every second turn.

Nowi | Final Evaluation:

Nowi’s Lightning Breath+ is a great weapon to have. It can counterattack any foes whatever the distance, thus giving you chip damage and a chance to KO an enemy. Her Threaten RES is a great complement to her too. As she deals magic damage, lowering the RES can make her attacks more effective.

She is weak against the Falchion Weapon held by Chrom, Lucina, Marth, and Alm. Stay away from them. We also want to add other Dragon killers in the future like Julia.

Since she doesn’t have any Special Skills, Bonfire is recommended. It makes use of her good DEF. Although, her Lightning Breath+ may slow down its trigger, it is still a good special skill to have. Both Vantage 3 and Renewal 3 can solidify Nowi’s ability to be a tanker. Vantage 3 can strengthen her countering skills and Renewal can help her recover HP (even if her HP is already high).

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