First Secret Relic in a Hero’s Destiny/One Punch Man Destiny

This guide will help out in how to get the first secret relic (air) in One Punch Man Destiny. They added a new relic which is the air element relic (halo).

It is really good and gives a +35% dodge chance. Let’s see what this relic looks like. Don’t mind the avatar; the relic looks cool. 

Now let’s find out how to get it now. First off, you will need to head to the volcano. When you get there, you want just to fly up 10 k studs.

But as long as you keep flying, you should be able to get the halo air relic. 

Flying time is about only a minute or so. You can go to the alt account now.

Now that we are at the volcano, let me show you how!

Just fly up and keep doing till you see a pop-up.

There we went, a minute of flying, and we got it.

And if you have an esper class, it might take about 2 minutes, and if there is no flying at all, then maybe five minutes+. So anyway, there are four total elemental relics. It is only the first one!

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