Five Ways to Earn Simoleons in Simcity Buildit. 

This guide will show the five ways to earn Simoleons in SimCity Buildit. 

Upgrade buildings 

When you click on a building that is ready to upgrade, the rewards window will pop up, and see how many Simoleons you will get for this upgrade. The more you upgrade one particular building, the more Simoleons you will receive for that one. When you upgrade to the skyscrapers, you’ll earn more Simoleons for that upgrade instead of single-family homes.

Collecting Taxes 

The second method you can use to earn Simoleon is by collecting taxes from your sims at the city hall, which you can do several times throughout the day. How many Simoleons you collect in 24 hours depends on your population and your sim’s happiness.

Sim Offers

The third way to earn Simoleons is by doing sim offers throughout the day. These sim offers will pop up asking you to sell items in your inventory in exchange for Simoleons. It is called burger farming, and later in the game, you’ll be able to craft burgers. The idea of burger farming is to make a lot of burgers and then wait until sim offers pop up, asking for them and then selling them.

Daily Bonus 

The fourth way to earn Simoleon is to log in and collect your daily bonus every 24 hours. Sometimes these chests contain Simoleons and sometimes sim cash; every seven days, you get a gold chest. 

The fifth way to earn Simoleons is by selling items at the trade Depot, and it is probably the best way to earn Simoleons, especially if you can dedicate a lot of time to crafting items to sell. You can sell up to five items per sale, choosing to sell your items at a higher price.

You can also spin Simoleons to buy items at the global trade headquarters on the other side of the area. There, you will find items that take longer to craft. If you are in the middle of trying to upgrade buildings, then when you see an item that you like to purchase, it will take you to the mayor’s trade Depot. You can also look around the other major cities and see how their progress is going. 

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