Fixing The Villagers That Won’t Trade In Minecraft

In this guide, you will get to know how to trade with the villagers which are not trading with you anymore. You just have to make a workstation for them and follow all the steps below.

In the minecraft game, you can fix the issue of villagers which do not want to trade anymore. It happens when you trade with them regularly in order to get your emeralds and at some point, the villagers decide not to trade any more with you. It’s not the case that you may wait for them to restock, they just decided not to do trade. 

In order to get the villager back to trade, you just have to make another workstation for him. This workstation has to be for his specific profession. You have to make some books for this.

After that, make a bookshelf.

Now you have to make a lectern and you will successfully made a workstation for your villager.

All you have to do is follow that villager and shadow him. The other unemployed villager might steal his workstation. Drop the workstation next to him and make him jump on top of it.

After he accepts the workstation you can trade with him. All you need is the workstation that suits the profession of villagers. Just make sure when you put the workstation near the villager when he are alone and other unemployed villagers are not near. 

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