Flaming Rings Locations – Fortnite

This guide will let you know about all the Flaming Rings’ locations to complete the challenge. Go through the guide and follow the instructions to get to the Flaming Rings.

You will first need to make your way to Pleasant Park and get yourself a car. 

And then you have to drive it and go to the north side of the map. When you reach there, you will find a dirt path, go straight on that path, and find a jump ahead of you, and there, you will find your first fire ring, as shown in the image below.  

When you do the jump and go right into it, you have to turn around, follow the path, and go down the hill near the blue bridge. You will find the second fire ring when you get there, as shown in the image below. 

After that, go across the river, and there you will find a road. Now you will need to go on that road, go straight till the end, and take a left.

Take a left, and then you have to go to the race track and there you will find the last flaming ring. Go through this ring to complete the challenge.

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